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CDW is the scale engine and ecosystem partner that can create the customer's entire cloud experience. Knowing how to leverage the benefits of cloud technology can easily get confusing. CDW simplifies cloud for your organization along with our added expert guidance that creates the best route to transform your business with AWS.


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Experience end-to-end AWS expertise with CDW and elevate your cloud solutions with AWS to improve collaberation, enhance data security and improve daily operations.

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Cloud Adoption and Migration

From assessing on-premise workloads and app dependencies to right-sizing cloud resources and estimating your annual run-rate costs. CDW streamlines and simplifies your cloud migration leveraging the AWS Migration Acceleration Plan (MAP).
Security and Governance-1

Security and Governance

Proper cloud governance and security requires an integrated approach. CDW helps you define policies around risk and compliance, contain costs while balancing performance demands, and manage identity services for access and control for your AWS cloud deployment.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. CDW’s team of experts architect solutions to reduce downtime and protect against data loss, simplify recovery processes while increasing reliability, and protect against future threats leveraging AWS. Continue business while planning for future requirements with us.

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation enables organizations to streamline and optimize their cloud infrastructure operations by standardizing configuration policies and deployments. With CDW, implementing an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach in your AWS cloud environment assists in adding consistency to your deployments and accelerates your time to value.

Data Analytics

When you need a fast, easy-to-use, cloud-powered business intelligence (BI) solution to build data visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and obtain business insights from your data, CDW and AWS deliver. Empower decision-makers with secure, visual, interactive dashboards without teams of data engineers spending months building complex data models.

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Intelligent Customer Experience-1

Intelligent Customer Experience

Earning the highest possible customer satisfaction rating when working with your users ensures loyalty, improves your competitive stance and drives financial growth. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides that positive emotional connection while simultaneously freeing workers to focus on the most critical calls.

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Cost Optimization

CDW's FinOps Accelerator empowers organizations to achieve maximum business value through collaborative, data-driven spending decisions. This engagement equips IT leaders, CIOs, finance teams, and engineering professionals with the tools and knowledge to control cloud costs, maximize efficiency, and optimize your cloud investments.

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Training Services

Access effective self-led/instructor-led courses, training resources, and tools to develop your organization's AWS cloud computing skills and stay up-to-date on industry developments. Access effective self-led/instructor-led courses, training resources, and tools to develop your organization's AWS cloud computing skills and stay up-to-date on industry developments. Enhance your team's cloud fluency, streamline operations, and improve cost savings with a customized training plan provided by AWS experts

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AWS Standard Services

Professional Services

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, Migration, Governance Workshop, Application and Data Migration and many more relevant and timely professional services are available from CDW and many more are on the way. Our AWS certified experts will meet with you, listen, plan and perform all the critical work your business needs.

Managed Services

Cloud Lifecycle Services with three tiers of service:
Basic | Essential | Premium
Cost Management is included across each tier of service. Basic offers cost controls and guidance, while also offering access to certified AWS engineers to cover your reactive support needs. Essential is our partner-led AWS Enterprise Support at much lower rates than going direct. Premium Managed Services is focused on Next-Gen remediation, security, governance, and optimization. Your organization’s performance will be guided by our AWS-certified architects and engineers who provide comprehensive, end-to-end cloud management.

The CDW and AWS partnership helps our customers embrace cloud computing while modernizing business applications to remain competitive and achieve sustainable growth. The benefits of the AWS cloud include increased flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced security. By leveraging CDW and AWS our customers stay ahead of the curve and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Digital Velocity Capabilities

Strategic Consulting

  • Digital strategy
  • Cloud strategy
  • Assessments
  • Digital capabilities
  • System health checks
  • Organizational change

Digital Talent Orchestration

  • Elastic bench
  • Workforce management
  • Technical services
  • Talent acquisition
  • Scale Solutions

Cloud & Cloud Native

  • CCOE
  • Cloud networking
  • Security/compliance
  • Container orchestration
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cloud migration
  • Automation/IaC
  • Intelligent CX
  • FinOps

Modern Software Engineering

Modern Software Engineering
  • App modernization
  • Containerization
  • Microservices
  • PaaS strategy
  • UI and mobile dev
  • IoT & management
  • Integration dev

Data & AI/ML

  • DataOps
  • Data warehouse
  • Data pipelines
  • Data governance
  • Visualization
  • AI/ML
  • Big data

Intelligent Platforms

Intelligent-Platform 2
  • Commerce
  • Content management
  • ServiceNow
  • Marketing automation
  • Personalization
  • Analytics
  • Systems integration

AWS Partnership Highlights


  • Advanced Tier Partner
  • AWS Advanced MSP
  • AWS Public Sector Solution Provider
  • Migration Services
  • Storage Services
  • Immersion Day Partner
  • AWS MarketPlace
  • 272 AWS Certifications
  • 2550 Accreditations

AWS Training Partner

CDW is an approved AWS training reseller. Choose a digital course or find a classroom course with a local, upcoming instructor-led class, all available exclusively through select Partners.


Case Studies

nurse holding tablet

America Association of Nurse Anesthesiology

Learn how CDW and Azure helped AANA move to the cloud quickly, gracefully and cost-effectively, and used managed services to help them stay ahead of the curve.

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students sitting at computers

CDW and AWS AppStream help school district in 2020

Discover how CDW's technical team helped a high school successfully migrate their critical back-ups to the AWS Public Cloud, meeting compliance requirements and ensuring seamless retrieval.

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exterior view of a modern public school

Natomas achieves storage competency

Discover how AWS Snowball aided Natomas Unified School District in meeting federal and state compliance deadlines by migrating their data efficiently.

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close up of researcher holding chip

Master Electronics optimizes and saves

Delve into the hidden strategies behind CDW's success story, showcasing improved performance, fortified security, and substantial cost savings for Master Electronics through their cutting-edge managed cloud services.

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silver colored ventilation pipes

Merit Aluminum focuses
on innovation

Gain valuable insights into how CDW's Managed Services for AWS enables Merit Aluminum to maintain its focus on innovation.

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engineering team

CDW and AWS upgrade C&R from monolith to cloud

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how CDW moved C&R's on-premise infrastructure to AWS and streamlined their environment.

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airplane being prepared for takeoff

Leveraging mainframe security and public cloud flexibility

Learn how CDW and AWS helped one corporation achieve its goal of reliability, security and performance with a cost-effective solution. 

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front of GuideOne building

GuideOne transforms to the future-state IT

Discover how CDW and AWS helped GuideOne reduce its data center footprint, gain higher performance and avoid growth-related resource costs with cloud migration.

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construction workers pouring concrete

NEBCO transforms with a hybrid cloud solution

Find out how NEBCO seamlessly migrated to a secure hybrid cloud solution with the assistance of CDW and AWS, resulting in cost savings and increased performance.

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coworkers working through a problem

Application migration

Discover how CDW helped a customer achieve seamless migration to the cloud, ensuring zero interruptions, enhanced scalability and increased uptime while reducing costs.

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business man holding phone

Application support for a  financial firm

Explore how CDW helped a Fortune 500 financial firm optimize their online banking with enhanced IT management.

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healthcare professional examining patient

Cloud lifecycle services for healthcare

Discover how CDW helped an Independent Health Association successfully decommission Oracle Exadata, migrate to AWS Cloud Services, and achieve cost optimization, improved team bandwidth, and enhanced self-service capabilities.

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pharmacy technician sorting pills

CDW's pharmaceutical success story

Learn how CDW partnered with a customer to successfully migrate to a new AWS platform and deliver a comprehensive solution with enhanced speed, cost visibility, automation, security, scalability and disaster recovery.

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computer screens displaying graphs

Taking the power of technology and making it work for you 

Learn how CDW helped a home warranty company overcome operation cost challenges, integrate AI-based virtual agentsmand provide a seamless customer experience with improved voice clarity through Amazon Connect.

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person scanning package

Database migration for ecommerce

Learn how CDW assisted an e-commerce company in overcoming CPU saturation issues, reducing order processing delays, and achieving improved database health through SQL analysis and monthly reviews. 

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medical professional looking in microscope

Well-Architected Review success for a healthcare company

Discover how CDW helped a customer address security, cost, and stability concerns by reducing AWS monthly costs by 15%.

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two coworkers walking down hall

AWS rollout for a global ecommerce company

Discover how CDW helped a global customer deploy a highly-available, optimized, and secure AWS environment for ecommerce, supporting ITAR-restricted data and leveraging US-based staff.  

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pharmacists on phone

Managed Services in healthcare

Discover how CDW helped Buzz Integrations revolutionize pharmacy and insurance industries with enhanced API access and analytics. 

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medical scientist working in lab

CDW supports healthcare customer through Managed Services

Learn how CDW helped a healthcare customer migrate their data center to AWS and achieve 100% cloud adoption, cost reduction and uptime.

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worker taking inventory in a warehouse

CDW helps logistics specialist make the move to AWS

Learn how CDW helped a leading envelope supplier migrate to AWS and improve their security in just three weeks.

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teacher in preschool class

Organizational transformation in the AWS cloud

Learn how CDW helped Child Care Aware of America revitalize its culture and further its mission by migrating to the AWS Cloud.

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highway construction workers

Conquering complex migration

Discover how CDW and AWS enabled the U.S. Department of Transportation to achieve a successful and secure cloud migration while balancing departmental and centralized needs.

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check deposit in bank

Enabling machine learning

Discover how CDW created a compliant landing zone in the AWS cloud for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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Technical support agent

DevSecOps and government cybersecurity

Learn how CDW helped the General Services Administration (GSA) enhance their cybersecurity and technical support in the face of increasing cyberattacks.

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laptop login screen

Making logins simpler for the General Services Administration

Learn how CDW helped the federal government build a shared authentication platform.

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Harvard campus

Harvard Business Review grows its reputation in the AWS cloud

Learn how Harvard Business Review partnered with CDW to migrate to the AWS Cloud and enhance its global reputation and user experience.

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 National Archives and Records Administration

Unlocking the code

Discover how CDW helped the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) migrate to a new digital records system.

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New York

NYU migrates and upgrades

Learn how CDW helped New York University move legacy systems to the AWS cloud.

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Public Health Tracking CDC

Reimagining tracking and surveillance of diseases in the cloud

Learn how CDW used human-centered design to reimagine the CDC’s NEDSS system, enhancing its usability, scalability, and data quality for public health tracking.

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small business owners

The Small Business Administration goes digital 

Discover how CDW helped the U.S. Small Business Administration streamline certification in the AWS cloud.

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university classroom

The power of partnership

Learn how CDW helped the Wharton School innovate in the AWS cloud.

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Managed Services Mastery with CDW and AWS

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You're invited to unlock new levels of success with Managed Services. Join this education session being held exclusively for current customers to see how AWS users are expanding and maximizing their relationship with CDW! 



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