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With Amazon QuickSight Business Intelligence and Analytics

Built for the Cloud, for Everyone, at Scale

Amazon QuickSight is a modernized cloud-based BIA platform and service that helps AWS customers to create dashboards, report on, and generate insights from large amounts of relational data to identify, develop, and create new strategic insights for either their business opportunities or for their customers.

With Amazon QuickSight You Can Achieve:

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Automated Insights on Demand

  • Gain deeper insights through ML and NL
  • Anomaly Detection and Forecasting
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Speed – Auto scaling and Serverless

  • Deploy 100k’s of users globally without provisioning servers
  • Built in High Availability
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Cost effective at any scale, for any use case

Pay only for what you use - pay-per-session pricing model

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Internal and/or External Users

Share insights with external parties

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Deeply Integrated with AWS Services

Secure, private access to AWS data.

Why Amazon QuickSight?

Every day, the people in your organization make decisions that affect your business. When they have the right information at the right time, they can make the choices that move your company in the right direction.


Get the Maximum Value From Your Analytics, Data Visualization and Reporting

  • The in-memory engine, called SPICE, responds with blazing speed.
  • No upfront costs for licenses and a low total cost of ownership.
  • Collaborative analytics with no need to install an application.
  • Combine a variety of data into one analysis.
  • Publish and share your analysis as a dashboard.
  • Control features available in a dashboard.
  • No need to manage granular database permissions – dashboard viewers can see only what you share.

QuickSight for Enterprise

  • Automatically make reliable forecasts.
  • Automatically identify outliers.
  • Find hidden trends.
  • Act on key business drivers.
  • Translate data into easy-to-read narratives, like headline titles for your dashboard.

Endless Possibilities with Embedded Analytics

  • Seamlessly embed interactive dashboards and visualizations, comprehensive dashboard authoring and/or natural language query capabilities directly into applications empowering customers to gain deeper insights into the application’s data.
  • Differentiate the user experience through personalization to unlock monetization opportunities.
  • Expand possibilities by embedding analytics in all applications without having to worry about your own analytics capabilities.

Benefits of Embedded Analytics


1-Click Embedding

Seamlessly embed rich, interactive dashboards in applications and portals without needing to call embedding APIs.


Branded Email Reports

Customize the email sender domain, the logo and header color of the email, and the footer text for email reports sent from QuickSight.


Best in Class TCO

Designed with giving insights to everyone. No license or infrastructure cost or staff to manage. 


Easy to Manage

Gain programmatic management of analytics workflows with Amazon QuickSight’s serverless architecture and API.

AWS Certified


Increase Your Scale and Flexibility

Unlike traditional BI, getting started with Amazon QuickSight is simple and Fast. When you log in, Amazon QuickSight seamlessly discovers your data sources in AWS services. Organizations pay a low monthly fee for each Amazon QuickSight user, eliminating the cost of long-term licenses. With Amazon QuickSight, organizations can deliver rich busines analytics functionality to all employees without incurring a huge cost upfront.

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