Begin Your Cloud Journey

With CDW’s Cloud Readiness Assessment for AWS

Begin Your
Cloud Journey

With CDW’s Cloud Readiness Assessment
for AWS

Guiding Your Transformation Journey

CDW’s Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) is designed to help organizations decide if cloud adoption and migration aligns with their business goals and objectives. An experienced team of cloud architects will evaluate your organizational readiness across a spectrum of topics, ranging from current operating models to governance and security requirements. In addition, a detailed analysis of existing IT infrastructure and application portfolio is performed. From all that data, a comprehensive gap analysis, TCO calculations, and migration strategies are created, unique for your organization. Leverage the output to align executive leadership and key stakeholders on transformation goals, build cost efficient migration strategies, and make data backed decisions.

Who This Is For: The CDW Cloud Readiness Assessment is designed for organizations looking to assess their readiness for cloud adoption and to begin planning for a cloud migration project, initiative, or organizational directive.

Cloud Readiness Assessment - How it  Gets Done

Using CDW’s decades of experience helping our customers adapt to changing trends in technology, our teams will work closely with key stakeholders on identifying roadblocks to a successful cloud journey. Through the lens of people, processes and technology, a thorough gap analysis is provided, comparing your organization’s unique needs with industry best practices, frameworks, and CDW’s extensive experience with cloud migrations. Together, we’ll develop a business case and strategy for cloud migration that is low risk, cost efficient, and aligned with your business requirements and goals.

Our team of cloud architects will work with your IT teams to get a complete picture of your current IT environment. Our discovery process will capture:

  • Discovery and listing of assets to be migrated or modernized
  • Service Level Agreements and uptime requirements
  • Licensing Costs
  • Performance characteristics and requirements
  • Security and compliance requirements
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) requirements 
Analysis of all these data points is performed to compile a multi-year TCO cost-estimate, to help you understand the cost benefits of cloud migration.

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