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When Migrating to the AWS Cloud

Discover the benefits of migrating data and applications to the
cloud, curated for small to medium-sized businesses.

Scale and Save


Respond faster to customer needs and proactively improve products and services while reducing costs and freeing up resources for critical projects.​


Outsource the buying, integration, upgrading, patching and management of server, storage and communications equipment.


Eliminate costs associated with building and managing your own infrastructure and unlock new possibilities for business efficiency and growth.

Changing the Game for SMB

The cloud levels the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses by providing you with access to the latest infrastructure and services to run your current workloads, so you only pay for what you need. With the rise of more flexible work environments, the access to IT services and network capacity through the cloud is providing an affordable way to unlock new possibilities for efficiency, reliability, and expansion.


pdfOverview: Migration and Planning Services (MAPS)

case-studyCase Study: How an Association Got IT Simplification, Agility and Lower Costs in the Cloud

Steps to start your cloud migration

With so many pressures on your on-premises datacenter, now is a great time to get started on your cloud migration. Following are simple steps that will help you get started.



Finding the right cloud provider that understands the unique needs of a small or medium-sized business is an important step in the evaluation process.



Leveraging an assessment like Migration Evaluator is a thorough but noninvasive way to get started without monopolizing your team’s time.



Exiting your on-prem datacenter can be daunting. Having the right to help assist you can be the difference between meeting or missing your goals. Working with an experienced system integrator will be the key part of your migration support team.



Once the initial assessment is completed and the cloud provider and partner have been identified, you will then be able to address any gaps highlighted in the evaluation that might impact the success of your migration.


Migrate and Update

The best cloud migrations offer two key elements that allow you to leverage the cloud at the pace that works best for your business: Migrate with minimal changes and future proof.

Where CDW comes into play: Migration Services by CDW

Today, you don’t have to put your business at the mercy of aging hardware and applications or play catch up with the demands of increasingly flexible work environments. Small to medium organizations are already seeing the return from making the move to the cloud through reduced costs in terms of both infrastructure and staffing.

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