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CDW’s VMware Cloud on AWS Enterprise Foundation

VMware Cloud on AWS Enterprise

Now that you have tested your applications in a Proof of Concept environment, learned what VMware Cloud on AWS is and how it can benefit your organization, you are ready to move your environment into the VMware Cloud on AWS. CDW is here to help! CDW's VMC Enterprise engagement provides a production-grade VMC Infrastructure that is designed and deployed utilizing a VMware-based Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) ready to support your organization's data center expansion or migration of on-prem workloads.


Who is this for?

Organizations that are ready to expand, migrate on-prem workloads or move entire data centers into the AWS cloud utilizing VMware Cloud on AWS.

CDW VMware Cloud on AWS Enterprise - How it gets done

Project management

CDW project managers will drive the alignment of your business stakeholders to support and drive a successful cloud adoption program. It builds understanding and commitment to the initiatives as well as enables understanding of the business objectives, impacts, and delivery plans.

Design, deploy and test

This engagement carries out a series of workshops to review the components of each solution and capture business and functional requirements. These will inform the overall design which will then be implemented and tested.

  • General and Infrastructure
  • Operations
  • Networking and Security
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)
  • VMC SDDC Deployment
  • Hybrid Linked Mode Configuration (Optional)
  • HCX and L2 Network Extension
  • Implementation (Optional)
  • Operations Integration
  • Network and Security Implementation
  • AWS S3 Integration
  • AWS EFS Integration
  • AWS FSx Integration
  • AWS ALB Integration
  • AWS Landing Zone
  • General testing to ensure basic functionality
  • Workload mobility testing to prove migration functionality (Optional)
  • Knowledge transfer provided throughout design discussions and implementation

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