Improve Customer Satisfaction with Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX) Leveraging the Power of Amazon Connect

CDW’s Digital Velocity Intelligent CX Team understands that expertise matters when implementing emerging and innovative technologies that directly influence a client’s ability to deliver top-notch, next-generation intelligent customer interactions. Let our ICX team build your cloud-based Contact Center with Amazon Connect using the “Power of AI” allowing your organization to realize significant business outcomes including; increased customer satisfaction, empowerment of human agents and augmented organizational insights.

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Transform your organization's customer experience today.

Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Your Organization

Create Loyal Customers

Customers aren’t loyal based on prices or products alone – loyalty is earned by consistently providing successful and exceptional customer experiences. Providing that level of experience can be challenging when trying to manually cope with high volumes of interactions through multiple channels. When you engage with the CDW Intelligent CX team, your organization will:

  • Increase your customers' satisfaction
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Gain improved business insights

Before Intelligent CX

  • High volume of unnecessary interactions with contact center agents
  • Time-consuming, manual practices create an inconsistent customer experience
  • Inability to prioritize incoming contacts creates long wait times and a poor experience

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Intelligent Customer
Experience Workshop

  • Delivery of a user journey workshop, resulting in a client's identified Use Case (s).
  • Identify gaps in your current customer experience and develop a roadmap to address them.
  • Identify the specific actions and interactions that your customers have with your organization. 
  • Tailored guidance that will deliver a better customer experience and drive business growth.

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After Intelligent CX

  • Deflection and containment help to reduce unnecessary interactions
  • Predictive analysis and advanced technology create a consistent experience
  • Reduction in agent burden allows improved focus for each individual interaction

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Full Technology Spectrum

Expertise matters when implementing any emerging and innovative technology, especially when it directly influences your customers' experience. Our team of CDW Intelligent Customer Experience experts within CDW's Amplified Services portfolio has more than 400 customer experience consultants, contact center architects, and software developers to achieve business results when speed matters. Whether it be developing a scalable AI solution, custom application development, or digital strategy, consulting CDW’s Digital Velocity (DV) team will help you maximize your business objectives.


Expertise in all three of these critical areas—Contact Center, AI & Cloud, and Data & Software Dev—is crucial to implementing contact center automation. CDW has that expertise and can deliver it for your organization, helping you to improve your customers’ experience.

CDW brings additional capabilities that help you manage and monitor complex volumes of customer interactions with consistent, personalized options that conform to your unique brand. With one of the most comprehensive contact center service portfolios in the industry, CDW is a market leader for the delivery of Intelligent Customer Experience (CX) and contact center solutions. Whether it be Intelligent Skills-based Routing, Agent Assist, Real-Time Sentiment Analysis, CRM integrations, Automated AI Agents, Voice Biometrics, Custom Text-to-Speech Modeling, AI Insights & Visualizations, or Automated Compliance & Redaction, the DV team provides organizations with a trusted partner they can rely on to not just achieve but truly maximize business objectives using proven Amazon Connect and AWS services.

The ICX team leverages the following native AWS Services:

AWS Services
  • Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
  • Amazon Connect Wisdom
  • Amazon Connect Voice ID
  • Amazon Connect Cases
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Amazon Transcribe
  • Amazon Comprehend
  • Amazon Lex
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon Polly
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon QuickSight
  • Amazon Location Services
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service



Transform your organization's customer experience.

Discover the right AI solutions with CDW that can improve your organization’s customer experience.

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