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Moving to the cloud has never been easier with CDW's VMware Cloud on AWS solution. CDW's Architects have years of experience assisting organizations with on-prem and cloud infrastructures. Our team understands the demands of moving away from traditional on-prem environments into the cloud and how that affects organizations. VMware Cloud on AWS allows organizations to extend into AWS, migrate and manage their new cloud-based environment with familiar VMware tools, architecture, and experience. CDW’s VMware Cloud on AWS offerings have been designed to assist our customers wherever they are on their journey while building the roadmap for the future of thier business.



Your VMware Cloud on AWS journey begins with CDW

Organizations have many different paths and requirements when considering a move to the cloud, some go directly to AWS utilizing native services, but not always. CDW’s Architects understand every organization is different and one path does not fit all. Utilizing years of experience, CDW has developed several proven paths to assist your organization with meeting cloud goals utilizing VMware Cloud on AWS.


Path to success



Builds out a secure infrastructure for your VMC environment that sets the stage for application deployment.

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Migrate your VM workloads to the Cloud following an established migration process.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and
Disaster Recovery

Organizations looking to implement a BC/DR strategy to protect your organizations on-premise environment, without standing-up another physical datacenter

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Provides an opinionated architecture, rapid deployment and configuration infrastructure for a VMC environment suitable for POC or Pilot scenarios.

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Technical Readiness Workshop

CDW utilizes the VMC Technical Readiness Workshop to determine business and technical requirements. The team will use the data from this engagement to establish a roadmap and detailed plan for the workload deployment and migration effort.

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Business drivers for VMware Cloud on AWS




Resource bursting

Bursting to cloud for workloads during periods of unexpected demand.  


Geo scaling locations

Deploying workloads to particular geo locations for improved customer experience (reduced latency) and/or regulatory requirements (data residency requirements). 



Capacity or environmental constraints in the existing environment or supply chain delays.



Modernization of application architectures and development processes.


ISV integration

CDW possesses an extensive list of partners that your organization can leverage to enhance your modernization efforts.

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CDW has 100-plus AWS certifications. We get AWS!

CDW has thousands of engineers with experience in hundreds of technologies. We can help wherever you need it most. We get IT!


CDW can support your business in all phases for cloud; from the Well-Architected Review to remediation, to management, migration, data center optimization, hardware and more. We get Business!


CDW knows your business and we know you. Your account manager will be with you every step of the way and your CDW terms can be used for any technological path to improvement this may take us.


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