Revolutionize Your
Cloud Strategy

With CDW’s Cloud Operating Model Acceleration Program

Revolutionize Your
Cloud Strategy

With CDW’s Cloud Operating Model
Acceleration Program

CDW’s Cloud Operating Model Acceleration Program

CDW Digital Velocity’s Cloud Operating Model Acceleration Program (COMAP) offers a lightweight consulting service focused on helping organizations adopt or enhance their cloud operating model and implement practical team topologies. This engagement will elevate your cloud maturity, optimize team performance, and drive successful cloud transformations.

Enjoy the Advantages

We assert that the cloud is a set of patterns and practices, not a place and adoption of a Cloud Operating Model will set your teams on the path for greater velocity. Pave the road for uniformly building and managing applications and infrastructure across environments by leveraging cloud-native architectures, tools, and workflows. Experience the advantages firsthand – enhanced efficiency, optimized team performance, and successful cloud transformations await.

Enhanced Cloud Maturity

Our expertise enables your organization to achieve higher levels of cloud maturity, resulting in improved operational efficiency, scalability, and agility.


Optimized Team Performance

By implementing practical team topologies, we help structure your teams for maximum productivity, collaboration, and innovation leading to faster delivery, reduced bottlenecks, and higher quality outcomes.


Tailored Roadmap and Recommendations

By assessing your current state, we identify gaps and areas for improvement with a personalized roadmap, prioritized recommendations, and actionable steps to accelerate your cloud journey.


Tooling and Skills Development

Our expert guidance assists in selecting and adopting the right tools and technologies to support your cloud operating model and team topologies. Additionally, we recommend skill development programs to empower your teams with the necessary knowledge and capabilities.

Drive innovation with personalized
cloud roadmaps and expert recommendations

Why Choose CDW Digital Velocity?

Extensive Expertise
Our team of experienced consultants brings deep knowledge and practical experience in cloud technologies, operating models, and team dynamics.

Tailored Approach
We understand that every organization is unique. We tailor our solutions to your goals, challenges, and organizational culture.

Proven Methodology

Our engagement follows a structured approach that combines industry best practices, frameworks, and assessment tools to deliver tangible results.

Customer-Centric Focus

We prioritize building solid partnerships with our customers, listening to their needs, and delivering exceptional value and service.


Ready to elevate your cloud maturity
with COMAP's expert guidance?