Your MAP for Success

With CDW’s Cloud Mobilize Engagement for AWS

Your MAP
for Success

With CDW’s Cloud Mobilize Engagement
for AWS

Cloud Migration Made Simple

After deciding to migrate to the cloud (see Cloud Readiness Assessment), many organizations struggle with how to effectively do so. Drawing on almost 40 years of experience helping IT organizations adapt to an ever-evolving technology landscape, the CDW Cloud Mobilize Engagement (CME) is designed to prepare your organization for a successful migration to the cloud. Our approach tackles more than just the technology challenges of cloud migration. We understand the importance of aligning business goals and showing timely results. We work with your teams to incorporate cloud into existing operational processes or help build new ones that make sense for your organization.

Who This Is For: Any organization that is migrating to the cloud.


Cloud Mobilize Engagement - How it  Gets Done

The CCoE and Cloud strategy component of CME accelerates Cloud adoption by helping organizations define and establish leadership functions to formulate a clear cloud strategy, establish governance, drive initiatives, and provide oversight around cloud adoption. Our consultants will also analyze existing staff and skill sets, identify gaps that would impede successful cloud adoption, and provide persona specific training paths and potential staff augmentation recommendations to ensure smooth transition to an operational state.

Our CME engagement teams, working in conjunction with customer IT domain experts, designs and deploys a landing zone based on industry best practices and customized for an organization’s unique requirements. Updates to required operating and governance models in preparation of application migration is also a key deliverable of the engagement.

The Discovery and Pilot Migrations begin the process of enabling data collection and dependency mapping on the entire in-scope application and workload portfolio. A deep dive is performed on the pilot application set leading to the design of its target state architecture. Migration of the pilot application set will focus on proving out the Landing Zone and getting some initial migration experience. This sets the stage for larger-scale migration efforts.

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