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CDW's AWS Redshift Migration Accelerator

With CDW, the AWS Redshift Migration Accelerator seeks to streamline data warehouse migrations from on-premise or third-party cloud data warehouses. The engagement starts with discovery sessions through which your data estate is mapped, documented, while business priorities and needs are satisfied. A solution architecture and migration plan will be created and validated while a pilot workload is identified and fully migrated to Redshift. During the migration of the initial workload, findings will be fully documented and incorporated into the migration plan and architecture.

Experience the Benefits


CDW Redshift Experience

Deploy a new data warehouse in minutes and load your data from cloud or onpremise sources.


Reduced Deployment Time

Team of highly skilled Cloud Engineers with AWS expertise in migration and data warehouse solutions.


Cost effective

With the CDW and AWS partnership, you can choose the most cost-effective, on-demand, pricing models for your data warehousing migration needs. On-demand pricing lets you pay for your resources as you use them, while reserved instances provide discounted rates for longer-term commitments.

Don't let complex migrations hold you back. CDW and AWS Redshift Migration Accelerator make it easy and efficient.

Plan and execute an Amazon Redshift migration

In recent years, organizations in nearly every industry have accumulated increasing amounts of data generated by different sources, such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, cloud applications, and social media platforms. Using traditional data warehouse systems limits the ability to analyze this data, since it is stored across multiple, siloed systems. As a result, organizations are not able to identify actionable insights and are missing out on new opportunities.

To get the most from your data, your organization should consider modernizing your data and analytics by working with AWS Partners to successfully migrate to Amazon Redshift Modern Data Architecture. Adopting this versatile solution can help improve price performance by up to 3x more than other cloud data warehouses, increase flexibility with on-demand scalability, and boost productivity by analyzing data.


Accelerate time-to-insight

Take advantage of the wide range of sophisticated data analytics capabilities available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Engage with CDW to develop and implement a solution that best fits your organization’s data analytics needs, and learn how Amazon Redshift optimizes the user experience with automated performance tuning. Utilize Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and increase flexibility with 5 storage tiers. Discover why Amazon S3 optimizes data lake storage with high availability, robust security and compliance, and audit capabilities that include object-level auditing and access control. Ultimately, adopting this solution as part of a modern data architecture enables you to identify and capitalize on potential new business opportunities.

What's Included in the Offering

Cloud Adoption Framework Assessment

CDW will perform a Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Analysis and provide remediation recommendations. CDW will provide these recommendations in a remediation plan.

Modern Data Warehouse Planning and Design

A review of your organization’s business requirements including but not limited to; design, data integration, data staging/ engineering, data warehouse, analytics and reporting and network security will be performed.


Modern Data Warehouse Pilot Deployment

Based on the decision points in the planning and design phase, CDW will assist with pilot deployments and connectivity validation to support the data analytics solution.


  • VPC configuration
  • Access Control (IAM) settings
  • Authentication and connections
  • Auditing settings
  • Datasets and tables to support pilot

Why CDW?

CDW can extend your IT capabilities by helping manage your most complex infrastructure and applications, allowing you to focus on growing your business and delighting your customers. Our experts have the knowledge to deliver solutions tailored to your business objectives. We’ll help you run your critical technology optimally and cost-effectively while your team stays focused on forward-thinking initiatives.


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