Soar to New Heights
in the AWS Cloud

Unlock AWS’s Potential with CDW’s Landing Zone

CDW’s Cloud Landing Zone

Unlock seamless and efficiency when deploying an AWS Landing Zone (LZ) with CDW. Leveraging Control Tower automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), CDW promises a secure and scalable creation of your organization’s foundational environment. 

Experience the Benefits


Cost Optimization

With CDW’s Cloud Landing Zone, you can implement effective cost optimization strategies. Leverage cloud-native services to optimize resource allocation, and right-size instances, and take advantage of pricing models like spot instances or reserved instances to reduce your costs. 


Faster Time to Market

CDW’s Cloud Landing Zone provides pre-defined and well-documented infrastructure and application deployment patterns, accelerating the time-to-market for new projects. Focus on application development while CDW experts handle the underlying infrastructure setup, resulting in faster delivery and improved agility. 


Security and Compliance

A well-designed cloud landing zone incorporates security best practices and compliance requirements from the beginning. We enable robust security controls, such as identity and access management, network segmentation, encryption, and monitoring, to protect your data and infrastructure in the cloud.

Experience end-to-end AWS expertise with CDW and elevate your cloud solutions with AWS to improve collaboration, enhance data security and improve daily operations.

Why Choose CDW’s
Cloud Landing Zone

CDW is the ultimate scale engine and ecosystem partner for a seamless cloud experience. CDW simplifies your cloud transformation with AWS expert guidance. 


Benefits of CDW


When working with CDW, you will be exposed to a team that has 100+ AWS certifications, demonstrating adept knowledge of AWS services.

Extensive Resources

With thousands of experienced engineers skilled in hundreds of technologies, CDW can and will provide you the support you need, wherever you need it most.


Comprehensive Solutions

Offering end-to-end support for your cloud journey, from well-architected reviews and remediation to management, migration, data center optimization, and more. CDW understands your business and can tailor our solutions accordingly.

Dedicated Manager Support

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager that will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you a personalized experience and supporting any technological path to improvement.

Join CDW and unlock the full potential of AWS with CDW’s Cloud Landing Zone today!