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CDW’s VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Readiness Workshop

VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Readiness Workshop

The VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Readiness Workshop will consist of workshops ensuring CDW understands your organization's needs, requirements and business drivers for your move to VMware Cloud on AWS. This workshop has been established to analyze the on-prem environment and create an implementation plan to prepare it to leverage hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. The output of these workshops will help to align CDW with your organization’s key stakeholders and leadership on business goals.


Who is this for?

Organizations that are preparing or deciding to move their on-prem resources utilizing VMware Cloud on AWS.

CDW VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Readiness Workshop - How it gets done

Project management

CDW project managers will drive the alignment of your business stakeholders to support and drive a successful cloud adoption program. It builds understanding and commitment to the initiatives as well as enables understanding of the business objectives, impacts, and delivery plans.

The VMC High-level Overview workstream consists of a series of accelerated workshops to review the business initiatives and component technologies that make up the VMware Cloud on AWS solution. 

  • Customer Business Initiative Discussion 
    • Overview of VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) 
    • Overview of VMC compute, network, storage, and integration 
    • Customer use case for VMC 
    • Virtual machine migration options 
The VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Readiness Assessment workstream is designed to work with internal teams to gain a deep understanding of your organizations on-prem infrastructure components and how they translate to VMC.    

  • VMC on AWS Onboarding and Prerequisites Discussion
  • VMC on AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment Interviews  
  • Review On-prem Network Infrastructure
  • Review Internet and Cloud Connectivity
    • Layer 2 Extended Networks and Requirements
      • Direct Connect
      • SSL VPN 
  • On-prem Environment Assessment 
  • Virtual Machine Migration Planning 
  • Design Review

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