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Migrating EHR systems to the cloud can be daunting, they tend to be significantly larger in scope, size, and complexity than most other healthcare IT workloads. The Epic EHR POC solution was developed to enable customers to quickly and safely deploy non-production Epic environments into the AWS cloud. Customer’s staff work with our healthcare experts and cloud engineers to build out the environment, gain familiarity with cloud infrastructure, and understand potential operational changes required to support a larger migration effort. 


Why CDW for EHR

Our team of experienced Epic consultants and cloud architects will work closely with you to assess your current EHR environment, develop a customized cloud migration plan, build out the supporting infrastructure, and execute the migration process with minimal disruption to your business.


Why CDW for your Epic EHR POC

CDW has well-documented experience in helping our healthcare customers migrate their Epic EHR systems to the cloud. Our Epic experts can walk you through the entire migration process and help navigate any potential pitfalls. We offer multiple deployment options, to align with your organization's current cloud maturity. 


Key benefits of our Epic POC on AWS solution


Complete technology support

  • A healthcare strategist and cloud engineer will work with your staff on designing and deploying the POC
  • Allows for upskilling of staff on cloud infrastructure
  • Ability to identify and test out potential operational changes
  • MSP and standard deployment options

Infrastructure consistency
and support

  • Based on published reference architecture
  • Fully automated deployment of infrastructure
  • Run in parallel with existing systems (VPN connection available)\
  • Cloud engineering support during POC timeframe 

Risk mitigation

  • Non-production, no PHI or PII environment
  • Minimal investment
  • Isolated 

Epic EHR engagement - How it gets done

Our CDW Cloud Architects will work with your teams in several focused working sessions. This engagement will provide & access environments to allow customers, to experience and evaluate Epic EHR on AWS.

  • Client Infrastructure Details requirements
  • AD/Authentication requirements
  • High Level account details
  • Connectivity Requirements
  • Application Requirements
  • High Level Architecture design
  • Low Level Architecture design
  • Application connectivity design
  • Build and configure deployment pipelines
  • Deploy infrastructure
  • Deploy Application
  • Configure Integration points

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