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    Comprehensive AWS training

    As an approved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Partner, CDW provides access to effective AWS training courses. This includes AWS training materials and curricula, training resources and tools like labs, demos, and simulations. These self-led/instructor-led courses will help your organization develop AWS cloud computing skills and knowledge needed to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

    Benefits of AWS Training


    Solve real-world problems

    AWS Skill Builder provides comprehensive training materials that cover all aspects of AWS cloud computing, from basic concepts to advanced topics. The training is designed to help you gain a deep understanding of AWS services and how they can be used to solve realworld problems.


    Gain practical experience

    The program includes hands-on labs and exercises that allow you to practice your skills in a real AWS environment. This helps you gain practical experience and build confidence in working with AWS.


    Upskill your team’s cloud skills for optimized productivity

    Help your team unlock the possibilities of the cloud to streamline operations, strengthen security and reduce costs.

    Propel your organization with cloud fluency

    Organizations need individuals with cloud skills to help transform their business. Upskill your workforce with content created by experts at AWS and updated regularly so you can keep your cloud skills fresh.


    There’s more to the cloud—uncover it.

    Teams are often expected to manage a variety of tasks simultaneously and may be operating at a variety of cloud skill levels.  AWS Training Partners (ATPs) can help your team acquire and improve vital cloud skills to streamline operations, enhance your organization’s security posture, and improve cost savings. Selected and certified by AWS to educate your team with AWS-authored resources, ATPs ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment in the AWS Cloud. AWS experts from the ATP network will provide you with a customized training plan that can help you increase cloud fluency, grow your business, and transform.

    Training that serves the needs of your team and strategy

    AWS Training and Certification is an excellent resource for organizations of all sizes to improve their cloud skills and scale their operations cost-efficiently. With a variety of training options available through  ATPs, teams can benefit from the expertise of AWS experts, as well as over 500 digital courses that support diverse learning styles, schedules, and skill levels. ATPs also provide customized training plans that are perfectly aligned with the cloud goals and technical needs of your organization. In addition to individual training options, ATPs offer team engagement resources, including live events and interactive games that help teams connect with other AWS customers around the world.


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