Simplify your cloud transition with CDW's Rapid Migration Offer for AWS

Simplify your cloud transition with CDW's Rapid Migration Offer
for AWS

Rapid Migration Offer (RMO) supplies a comprehensive, fixed-price solution per server for seamless ‘lift-and-shift’ migrations to AWS. The RMO solution includes discovery, total cost of ownership analysis, strategic wave planning, and the actual migration process, providing a streamlined pathway to AWS.




Quickly migrate to AWS, leveraging experienced migration to specialists.


Cost avoidance

Use RMO to migrate off VMware directly to Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in cases of extra data center needs due to lease expiration, facility closure, or to avoid costly hardware or software refreshes.


Operational excellence

Options to add Landing Zone, AD and SSO integrations ensure you have a production ready infrastructure.


RMO provides for all phases of a successful migration, including:

  • If necessary, a discovery of your servers and environment.
  • A total cost of owner ship (TCO) or business case
  • A proof-of-concept (PoC) or pilot migration to validate that the AWS environment is ready before starting the full-scale migration
  • Large-scale migration execution
  • Deployment of a Landing Zone and integration with Active Directory and/or SSO with your identity provider if needed


RMO qualifies for various AWS funding mechanisms, meaning the already low fixed price per server migration total cost is often fully offset via AWS direct funding and service credits.

Deployment requirements

Use case

At least 100 x86 (both Windows and Linux) servers are to be migrated. This includes utilizing a single AWS account and deploying to one AWS region, with a recommendation to use two Availability Zones. The operating systems must be supported by AWS Application Migration Service. 


Customer must provide a configuration management database (CMDB) or authorize the use of discovery tools to populate the CMDB.


Must have a new or existing site-to-site VPN, an existing Direct Connect, or existing third-party network/security appliance.


Directory & security

Use an existing domain extended to AWS, or utilize a new or existing Simple AD or Managed AD. Integration with supported identity providers is also possible.


Includes the installation of the Replication Agent on source servers, a Proof of Concept (PoC) for migration, and migration at scale.

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