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CDW and AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

When a disaster happens, an organization's priority is centered around data. Let CDW assist to build a cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR) solution that helps to recover from disasters quickly and easily. Our CDW AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery solution is designed to scale with your needs, maintain flexibility, grow with your organization, and incorporate the AWS Well-Architected solution principles. You can be confident that your critical data and systems are protected and available when you need them most.

CDW’s engineers have extensive experience working with AWS services and technologies, as well as a deep understanding of best practices for disaster recovery. This allows them to provide valuable guidance and support our customers who are looking to build and implement a disaster recovery strategy.

Benefits of Elastic Disaster Recovery



A comprehensive solution that enables organizations to replicate physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers with ease and protects enterprise workloads. Our solution enables easy failback to on-premises or cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your critical systems and data are always available.


Fully managed

Our fully managed services assist our customers by providing ongoing support and maintenance for AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery solutions or my managing the entire solution for them.


Cost effective

CDW understands that disaster recovery solutions can be complex and expensive to implement. Our CDW AWS Professionals work alongside your disaster recovery team to optimize the solution and minimize costs while meeting all recovery objectives.

Benefit from the economy of scale, and pay only for what you need, when you need it. Further innovate on the cloud and increase your IT resilience with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.


AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Made Easy

Unlike traditional on-premises disaster recovery, which can involve high costs to maintain a duplicate recovery site that sits idle most of the time, Elastic Disaster Recovery uses cost-effective AWS resources to maintain an up-to-date copy of your source servers on AWS. When you use AWS DRS, you save costs by removing idle disaster recovery site resources and maintenance, and pay for your full recovery site only when you need it for drills or recovery.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

AWS meets the challenges of physical disaster recovery infrastructure, which can be both space- and cost-prohibitive, by providing a simplified, fully scalable, cost-effective disaster recovery service for physical, virtual, and cloud based servers.

The scalability of the cloud allows your organization to:

  • Use AWS as an elastic recovery site
  • Quickly add or remove replicating servers when your production environment changes
  • Use of the same DR solution for most workloads rather than separate application specific DR solutions that each require specific skill sets

Investing in IT Resilience

CDW will generate a discovery, design and implementation workshop which will outline a high-level process for implementing AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.




Discovery and Design Workshop

This phase includes 5 sessions; Workshop Introduction, Requirements / Considerations Gathering, Current State Discovery, Gap Analysis and Future State Design, and Review Decisions. Each session will include an overview of the technology(ies) to be considered.


Implementation and Testing

This phase includes a Protection (Target) Environment Build, EDR Service Initialization, Protected (Source) Environment Confirmation, Disaster Recovery Preparation/Disaster Recovery Failover, and Failback.


Expert Engineers

Our engineers will work alongside your team to ensure that all aspects of the Elastic Disaster Recovery plan are implemented and enabled on how to best proceed with their new Cloud DR solution.

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