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BigQuery Accelerator

Transform Your Data into Insights


CDW’s Google Cloud BigQuery Accelerator is designed to empower enterprise customers by harnessing the full potential of their data. Through hands-on training, expert guidance, and real-world scenarios, participants will learn to optimize queries, build scalable data models, and create insightful visualizations using Google Cloud BigQuery. This accelerator is designed to help enterprise customers leverage their data using Google Cloud Big Query and will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Data ingestion and preparation
  • SQL querying
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning

The accelerator will be led by experienced Digital Velocity's Google Cloud Solution Architects who will provide hands-on instruction and support.



The deliverables for this accelerator include:

  • A customized plan for how to leverage BigQuery to meet the specific needs of the customer
  • Hands-on training with Google Cloud BigQuery
  • Access to a BigQuery sandbox environment
  • Workshop materials, including code samples and presentations
  • Roadmap to Future State
  • Executive Readout

This accelerator can help enterprise customers leverage their data in several ways, including:

  • Helping customers to design and implement a data ingestion and preparation pipeline for BigQuery
  • Teaching customers how to write SQL queries to analyze data in BigQuery and gain insights
  • Showing customers how to create and interpret data visualizations using BigQuery
  • Helping customers to build and deploy machine learning models using BigQuery
  • Providing a customized plan for how to leverage BigQuery to meet the specific needs of the customer

By providing this accelerator, CDW can help enterprise customers get the most out of their BigQuery investment and achieve their business goals.


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Example of How this Accelerator Can Help an Enterprise Customer

Consider an enterprise customer that is struggling to gain insights from their data. They have a large amount of data stored in a variety of different sources, but they are not able to easily access and analyze the data. This is preventing them from making informed business decisions.

This accelerator can help the customer leverage their data by teaching them how to use BigQuery to ingest, prepare, analyze, and visualize their data. The accelerator will also provide the customer with a customized plan for how to use BigQuery to meet their specific needs.

  • Once the customer has completed the workshop, they will be able to:
  • Ingest and prepare their data for analysis in BigQuery
  • Write SQL queries to analyze their data and gain insights
  • Create and interpret data visualizations to communicate their insights to others
  • Build and deploy machine learning models to make predictions about their data

This will enable the customer to make better business decisions and to improve their overall performance.


Why Choose CDW's Digital Velocity Big Query Accelerator?


Expert Instructors

Industry-leading experts with extensive hands-on experience in Google Cloud BigQuery

customized learning

Customized Learning

Tailored workshop content based on your organization's unique data challenges and objectives


Practical Hands-On Labs

Interactive labs and real-world exercises for participants to apply learned concepts immediately


Post-Workshop Support

Continued support for query optimization, troubleshooting, and best practices implementation


Proven Results

Trusted by customers for transforming raw data into actionable insights, driving business growth