Infrastructure Assessment

Accelerate your Migration to the Public Cloud.


This assessment will identify your organization’s high-level technical requirements and metrics for scaling current on-premise and cloud workloads to the public cloud. CDW’s Essential Assessment is designed to benchmark existing architecture, processes and practices, and customer maturity level to uncover the fastest and most impactful path toward desired future state at a high level.

Customer technical teams will be led through discovery sessions to facilitate informed decision-making, with an additional session to help the team select the first POV project.

Finally, a POV Roadmap is created and bundled with a summary assessment report which is then presented in a formal Executive Readout session.


2 to 3 Weeks


  • Business Discovery
  • Infrastructure/Operations Discovery
  • Technical Deep Dive Discovery
  • Use Case/POV
  • Executive Readout/ POV Roadmap


  • Delivery of assessment report and data that includes high-level findings, readiness, financial comparisons, and next steps
  • Delivery of infrastructure and operational discovery
  • Delivery of customized assessment reports aligned to specific customer environment analysis.

Bundled Sizes:

  • Small
    • 200+ Servers
  • Medium
    • 500+ Servers

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