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CDW Intelligent CX is the Most Technical Customer Experience Integrator in the Industry

As one of only a handful of Google Cloud Premier Partners with all three of Google Cloud's CCAI expertises, an Application Development Services Specialization, and industry leading contact center services, CDW has the expertise to bring clarity to complex customer experience strategies.




Discover the Power of AI in Your Contact Center

While customer experience (CX) is crucial to businesses, it has moved further into the spotlight with rapidly evolving customer preferences.

We know that customers don't hold their loyalty with brands based on prices or products alone - they hold it with companies that provide successful and joyful consumer experiences.

Organizations can realize significant business outcomes by using CCAI:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Empower human agents
  • Augment business insights

Supercharge Customer and Agent Experience

Reimagine your Customer Experience (CX) with Google Cloud’s CCAI Platform and CDW’s Intelligent CX Practice.

From AI-powered applications that enable time and cost savings, intelligent services, efficient CX management, and the next generation of actionable customer behavioral insights - to AI-empowered agents that are boosted to solve customer problems quickly and effectively. Contact Center AI (CCAI) has the routes that intertwine your digital channels and improve them with AI capabilities.

Where Our Expertise Matters

CDW's Intelligent CX team delivers professional services in emerging and innovative technologies that directly influence our clients' ability to deliver next generation customer experiences 


Automated AI Agents

Divert chat and voice call volume from human agents. Increase customer satisfaction through self-service. Decrease AHT for operational efficiency.

Voice Biometrics

Increase security and expand self-service use cases. Lower human agent data collection times for decreased AHT.

Custom Text-to-Speech Modeling

Custom Text-to-Speech Modeling

Build brand loyalty and leverage existing brand awareness. Increase virtual agent engagement. 


AI Insights & Visualization

Real-time business intelligence. A deeper understanding of CX interactions and continuous improvement. 

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Automated Compliance & Redaction

Reduce operational risk while enabling WFM. Expand virtual agents to regulated industries. Gain insights and analysis on PII and PCI-related data. 

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We Get Google Cloud

CDW is an end-to-end provider of cloud applications, solutions and services for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. We are uniquely qualified to design, deliver and manage a flexible solution tailored to the customer's needs. CDW will help you adopt and integrate Google Cloud securely and efficiently. We have a long-standing, award-winning relationship with Google that we extend to our clients. We get Google Cloud!

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