Discovering Generative AI

Transform the future with Google Cloud and CDW

Amazing happens with AI

Organizations worldwide are thinking about how artificial intelligence can help them achieve and enhance business outcomes. Many executives and IT leaders believe that AI will substantially transform their organization within the next three years — but to meet the needs of tomorrow, you must prepare your infrastructure today. CDW’s leading partnerships, in this case with Google Cloud, and GCP expertise can help you implement AI solutions to do just that.


Transforming tomorrow with Generative AI

Generative AI, known as GenAI, is, in short, the type of AI that creates new content, like text, images, music, audio, and videos. Powered by foundational models that can multi-task and perform your out-of-the-box tasks, including summarization, Q&A, classification, and more. GenAI also minimizes the amount of training required due to the adaptation of these foundational models around use cases and data. 


Discover the exciting highlights from Google Cloud Next 2024

What makes Google Cloud AI the right choice?

GenAI is a solution that requires careful consideration of ethical and privacy implications. So, with that - How does Google Cloud amplify this solution?


A deep history of research & innovation

With 20+ years of internal research and development across search, databases, hardware, and AI - Google’s GenAI is backed up and is being consistently perfected with historical, current, and predictive data. 


Vertically differentiated portfolio

From the super scalable AI infrastructure to world-class models to intuitive AI development and deployment, to AI-powered assistance - You will discover that all the right AI tools that meet your skills and needs are all right here with Google.


Built on a foundation of enterprise readiness

Go to production with the peace of mind provided by data governance and indemnity, security and compliance, and safety and responsible AI. 

The way generative AI meets enterprises' need


Powering success with Google Cloud & CDW

Generative AI presents a transformative technology with the potential to reshape numerous industries. However, successful implementation and utilization of generative AI necessitate expertise and robust infrastructure. This is where CDW and Google Cloud excel, offering a comprehensive solution to meet your generative AI needs.

Here's why CDW & Google Cloud make the perfect partnership for your GenAI journey


In-depth understanding of Generative AI

Benefit from CDW's team of experts who comprehend the possibilities and challenges inherent in generative AI. They can assist you in identifying suitable use cases and devising an effective implementation strategy.

Experience with Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, CDW boasts extensive experience in deploying and managing Google Cloud solutions. This ensures that your generative AI applications have the necessary infrastructure and support to thrive.

End-to-end services

Rely on CDW for a complete suite of services, from initial consulting and strategy development to implementation, training, and ongoing support. With CDW as your trusted partner, you can navigate your generative AI journey with confidence.

Cutting-edge Generative AI technology

Harness Google Cloud's leadership in generative AI research and development. Access a variety of powerful generative AI models and tools, including Vertex AI, to drive innovation in your projects.

Scalable and secure infrastructure

Leverage Google Cloud's scalable and secure infrastructure, comprising high-performance computing resources, robust data storage solutions, and advanced networking capabilities. This ensures optimal performance and data security for your generative AI applications.

Commitment to responsible AI

Benefit from Google Cloud's dedication to responsible AI practices, including the promotion of fairness, impartiality, and ethical use of generative AI models.

Why Google?

Largest and most capable model

Outperform human experts on Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU) with 57 subjects, showcasing knowledge and problem-solving abilities.


Open and integrated AI portfolio

Google Cloud provides various models, ensuring an integrated and comprehensive data-to-AI platform for diverse generative AI journeys.


Pilot to production in 30 Days

Leverage data securely, protect intellectual property, and benefit from generative AI-optimized infrastructure for performance, scalability, and cost control.


Why CDW stands out from the rest

CDW stands out as a premier technical solutions integrator with over 250 specialized engineers focusing on software-defined infrastructure, hybrid and multicloud architectures, cloud-native software development, DataOps, and AI/ML.

As your technical services partner, CDW ensures results that matter. We excel in creating personalized customer experiences across various industries, offering streamlined design, configuration, testing, and production implementation processes for rapid AI adoption. Our skilled developers craft tailored virtual agents that elevate customer experiences and drive operational efficiencies, maximizing ROI.

CDW's Digital Velocity (DV) team understands the importance of customer experiences and leverages the "Power of AI" to achieve significant outcomes such as enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. With expertise in implementing emerging technologies, the DV team serves as a trusted partner to help organizations achieve their business objectives. We collaborate with clients to define and implement effective GenAI strategies, utilizing best practices for scalability and agility.


Experience Google’s GenAI with CDW

CDW'S Google Cloud GenAI Workshop

Discover the latest artificial intelligence advancements with your organization at CDW’s & Google Cloud’s Generative AI (GenAI) workshop. At this interactive workshop session, your team will be able to explore the transformative capabilities of generative AI, uncover potential routes to elevate your business, drive innovation, and revolutionize your current problem-solving approach.

What’s included:
- Introduction on GenAI
- Hands-on demos
- Real-world success stories
- Collaborative learning environment

CDW'S Google Cloud No Cost GenAI Pilot

Explore the transformative capabilities of Google Cloud’s Generative AI with CDW’s No Cost GenAI Pilot. With CDW’s tailored approach, we enable your organization to accelerate development and launch a pilot, integrating cutting-edge generative AI technologies to captivate your audience and gain a competitive edge.

What’s included:
- Rapid development
- Customized solution
- User-centric design
- Proof of concept integration
- Future proof investment