Scale Your Digital Value with Application Modernization

Transcend your legacy systems, while maximizing your investments with Google Cloud and CDW

Transcend your legacy systems, while maximizing your investments with Google Cloud and CDW

The Telltale Signs That It’s Time for a Software Upgrade

lots of time-2

Small Changes Require Lots of Time


Code Updates Lead to Bugs


Bug Fixes Demand Outsized Effort


Slow Application Performance

Ready to Modernize your Applications?

Why Application Modernization?

Automation is the #1 priority for enterprises adopting application modernization

Application Modernization saves 15-35% annual infra savings including up to 70% costs on hardware, software, and resources.

IDC research forecasts that by 2025 a staggering 90% of applications will be cloud-native, an insight that goes hand-in-hand with Gartner’s prediction that 85% of organizations will embrace cloud-first principles by the same year.

The growing number of legacy applications and the need for modern software functionalities will drive the growth of the market.

Enterprises are shifting to cloud-native applications that enable easy architecture, faster time to market, agility, scalability, and secured data.


Application Modernization is Not “All-or-Nothing”

Don’t spend the cycles on rewriting applications. You can take smaller, more controlled steps to resolve the problem areas.

Every legacy application and organization has its unique issues. CDW’s team of Google experts aims to curate the perfect solution to pinpoint and fix your organization’s weak points. 

Google Anthos provides multiple options for application modernization, from enhanced connectivity and communications to accelerated migration and automated containerization. Google Anthos enhances hybrid-cloud application management and performance while moving infrastructure modernization efforts forward. By adopting Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Anthos, you enjoy the benefits of a managed infrastructure, including:

  • Operational Efficiency: Up to 10x faster provisioning and deployments and higher infrastructure utilization.
  • Simplified Management: Unified policy management and monitoring for on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Improved Security Posture: Faster, easier patching, and the best of Google Cloud Platform security.

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Transforming Classrooms

Discover how CDW, Google Cloud, and NetApp reimagines compute science education with CourseMatix for Spokane Community College.

Google Cloud
Service Packs



Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Migration

Migrate up to 3 containerized applications to Kubernetes running in GCP

Google Anthos Migration

With CDW’s Anthos Migration migrate up to 3 containerized applications  to Kubernetes running on-prem or public cloud.

Modern Application Accelerator

This is a 3-6 week engagement for customers looking to modernize their applications on Google Cloud Platform.

DevOps Healthcheck

This consultation will explain how to leverage the tools for a successful DevOps implementation. This includes a holistic organizational/cultural evaluation and review of current on-premises and cloud pipelines and practices.

We Get Google Cloud

With four of the world’s 66 Google Fellows on our team, we are a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Cisco Gold Partner, DevOps industry leader, and a full-stack hybrid-cloud guru. We amplify customers and help them achieve their desired business outcomes through intelligent multi-cloud strategy, coupled with outstanding execution.

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