Are you on the best path for your cloud journey?

Change is on the horizon with cloud, discover what's in store with VMware and how CDW is leveraging Google Cloud for our customers.

Are you on the best path for your cloud journey?

Change is on the horizon with cloud, discover what's in store with VMware and how CDW is leveraging Google Cloud for our customers.

Achieving what matters most in cloud


Seamless migration of
VMware workloads

Effortlessly migrate your critical workloads to the cloud for enhanced freedom, flexibility, and speed. CDW seamlessly transfers your VMs (virtual machines) without the need for application refactoring, this is to ensure your operational continuity and existing investments are maximized.


Improve IT operations

Shift to running VMs in the cloud to eliminate the hassle of managing physical infrastructure. Provision an entire VMware SDDC in under an hour. Slash your migration times from months to minutes.


Create alignment between 
IT goals & business needs

CDW Google Cloud experts are ready to support you at every stage of your cloud journey. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of the cloud architecture and migration process, we specialize in both hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Let CDW guide you to the optimal path, enabling innovation at scale using Google Cloud Platform.

We’re here to help

Google Cloud Migration Service options with CDW


Migration services

CDW eases the transition related to migration and helps with the critical elements of optimization, cost, experience, management, support and more. CDW provides a comprehensive suite of options based on your needs and where you are on your migration journey.

  • Cloud Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Compute Engine Migration
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) Migration
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Application modernization

You know moving your applications to the cloud gives you the speed and agility you seek for your customers and your coworkers. However, there are some applications that seem too big, too complicated, and too entrenched to be moved. With CDW’s Application Modernization, turn your monolithic applications into small, manageable microservices, containerizing them and gracefully moving them to the cloud.

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The business value of Google Cloud VMware Engine

According to the IDC, Google customers are realizing significant value by leveraging Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) to support IT and business operations. The IDC projects that these benefits would result in a 3-year ROI of 391%.

Key results

  • 391% three year ROI
  • 41% reduced total cost of operations over 5 years
  • 6 months to pay back on investment



Digital Velocity's Cloud Solutions

As one of the largest Systems Integrators in the world, we are also proudly one of the Google's most advance Cloud Partners, creating the future through thought leadership and innovation.

Accelerate time to value | Reduce risk | Optimize scalability

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Enterprise Data Center Modernization (DCM)

As an IT professional, you know that DCM is a major undertaking task that demands a lot from your teams. However, you don’t have to tackle it solo. Discover how our CDW experts can assist you in deciding, implementing, and sustaining a thorough DCM strategy.


VMware Engine Migration

CDW’s Google Cloud's VMware Engine (GCVE) Migration service includes all steps required to migrate virtual machines (VMs) from a customer’s existing on-premises or competing cloud environment to VMware running in GCP. 


No-Cost Consult of Cloud Environment

With Digital Velocity’s team of cloud experts in your corner stage, you’ll be able to amplify your cloud environment and develop a fool-proof cloud strategy that prioritizes your organization’s performance, IT costs, security, and legacy applications. Talk to an expert today to get a free consultation on your current cloud environment and explore the possibilities of GCVE.


Migrate your VMware Workloads with Ease

We're ready to join you at any stage of your cloud journey – there's no wrong time! If your current cloud setup revolves around VMware, our migration services and expert team will assist you in seamlessly transitioning to Google Cloud VMware Engine. This move empowers you to optimize and efficiently run your vital workloads in the cloud, offering unparalleled freedom, flexibility, and speed.


Google Cloud VMware Engine by the numbers

Not only will your organization save time — you’ll save money with GCVE by accelerating your time to cloud value.

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Average savings over 3 years