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Empowering the future

Kubernetes, in short, is an open-source container orchestration platform that has revolutionized the way organizations deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications. Simplifying complex container workflows, ensuring applications run seamlessly across various environments. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) delivers a fully managed, secure, and scalable Kubernetes platform, empowering you to deploy and manage containerized applications with ease. GKE Enterprise takes it a step further, simplifying multi-cluster management and extending control across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

It’s scalable, secure, and simple

By 2027, Gartner predicted that “more than 90% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, which is a significant increase from fewer than 40% in 2021.” Containers power and amplify today’s most innovative applications and businesses.

Google was also recognized by
Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant report as a Leader for Container management.


Operational efficiency

Simplify deployment, monitoring, and management with GKE – Innovate while we handle infrastructure complexities.


Accelerated development

Launch containerized apps instantly, scale effortlessly, and iterate faster through seamless CI/CD pipelines with GKE.


Security & compliance

GKE ensures peak protection
with integrated identity management, automated patches, and robust encryption.



Pay for what you use, leverage efficient resource utilization, and harness the scalability of Google Cloud's global infrastructure.


The advantages of upgrading to GKE Enterprise for your Kubernetes clusters


Choose between autopilot or standard mode of operations:

  • Fully automated cluster life cycle management including upgrades and backup/restore
  • Fully-supported Kubernetes distributions
    Pod and cluster autoscaling
  • Serverless Kubernetes experience with autopilot mode
  • Cost visibility and automated infrastructure cost optimization
  • Automated tools for easily migrating workloads to containers and Kubernetes

Securely run enterprise workloads at scale:

All features in Standard edition, plus:

  • Fleet-based multi-team management
  • Managed Service Mesh*
  • Managed GitOps-based configuration management
  • Managed Policy Controller (Gatekeeper)
  • Binary Authorization*
  • Advanced Vulnerability Insights*
  • Multi Cluster Ingress*
  • Hybrid cloud: GKE on Google Distributed Cloud (GDC)
  • Multi-cloud: GKE on AWS & Azure; GKE attached clusters


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Explore the full potential of GKE & GKE Enterprise

Digital Velocity’s GKE Enterprise proof-of-concept (POC) solution demonstrates seamless integration and operational efficiency. It allows enterprise customers to evaluate the benefits and make informed decisions about adopting GKE Enterprise in their production environment. 

With Digital Velocity’s GKE Enterprise POC, you will discover: 

  • Simplify Multi-Cluster Governance: Enforce consistent policies and oversee multiple clusters across on-premises, Google Cloud, and other clouds effortlessly.
  • Centralize Control: Empower teams with delegated permissions, ensuring operational oversight and compliance from a central hub.
  • Boost Developer Productivity: Facilitate self-service cluster provisioning and configuration for accelerated development cycles.

Powering your success with Digital Velocity

Not only is CDW one of the largest systems integrators in the world, but we are also one of the most technically advanced Google Cloud partners. As a Google Cloud Managed Service Provider, and Premier Google Cloud partner, Digital Velocity at CDW empowers customers with the velocity needed for a competitive edge.

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Possible exceptions may apply: Selected companies that qualify for DAF Funding may be eligible for a free CDW expert consultation and/or GKEE POC.