CCAI Accelerator

Enhance your customer experience with the adoption of AI.


The Google CCAI Accelerator engagement is designed to help the customer define success criteria for adoption of AI in their contact center. It is a collaborative effort that provides recommendations and guidance for the enablement of Google CCAI.

The engagement begins with 1 Day Design Workshop to introduce core concepts of Google CCAI and define which Use Cases are most relevant for a Pilot. The identified Use Cases guide the development of a functional non-production Pilot virtual agent. If the customer has already identified a use case for the virtual agent Pilot, the design of this use case will be developed during the design workshop.

As part of the CCAI Accelerator Engagement, CDW will also facilitate a series of three Discovery Workshops to document existing telephony and contact center call routing specific to virtual agent media routing. The output of these sessions is a recommended production CCAI Integration Architecture Design.



6 Weeks


  • 1 Day Pilot Design Workshop
  • Three UC Curren State Discovery Workshops
  • Pilot Build and Documentation
  • Executive Readout


  • Delivery of 1 Day Pilot Design Workshop
  • Strategy document for the Pilot 
  • Pilot Virtual Agent deployed in Google Cloud
  • Pilot Virtual Agent As-Built Document and Code
  • Series of three UC Current State Discovery Workshops
  • Technical Design Document (TDD) which communicates recommended Production CCAI Integration Architecture
  • CCAI Insights Implementation Roadmap and Cost

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