CCAI Insights Accelerator

Enhance business decisions and customer experience.


The Google CCAI Insights Accelerator engagement is designed to help the CLIENT define success criteria for adoption of AI in their contact center. It is a collaborative effort that provides recommendations and guidance for the enablement of Google CCAI.

Customer teams will be led thru a series of discovery sessions. The first session is designed to uncover the “Art of the Possible” relevant to CLIENT’s business outcomes. The second session assesses the customer’s existing contact center recording, compliance, and workforce management processes in relation to desired success metrics.

An assessment report is created and bundled with LOE and Cost for the Google CCAI Insights Accelerator in a Pilot implementation and presented in a formal Executive Readout session.


2 Weeks


  • Enablement and “Art of the Possible” Discovery
  • Technical Discover
  • Executive Readout


  • Assessment Findings and Strategy
  • CCAI Insights Pilot Roadmap and Cost





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