VMware Engine Migration

Advance your migration with VMware.


CDW’s Google Cloud's VMware Engine (GCVE) Migration service includes all steps required to migrate up to 400 VMs from a customer’s existing on-premises or competing cloud environment to VMware running in GCP. Workloads are assessed and moved as-is using vMotion/HCX.


12-18 Weeks


  • Requirements Gathering
  • Discovery/Data Collection
  • Landing Zone Creation
  • Migration/Planning Execution
  • Final Testing/Documentation
  • Customer Handoff


  • Stratozone Discovery
  • Design/Discovery Documents
  • GCP Cost Calculator
  • Landing Zone Code/Deployment
  • Migration Plan Document
  • Migration Runbooks
  • Migration Execution
  • Migration Test Plan Document/Execution
  • Monitoring Plan Document/Execution

Bundled Sizes:

  • Small
    • 5+ Nodes/100+ VMs
  • Medium
    • 20+ Nodes/400+ VMs

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