Data Analytics Accelerator

Rapidly Boost Your Data Warehouse Modernization


The Data Analytics Accelerator is a consultative workshop, with a focus on discussion and brainstorming. This is a comprehensive engagement to build a future-proof corporate data strategy. A broad scope  of topics are reviewed, such as data readiness, data architecture, literacy and compliance. Data Analytics Accelerator is delivered in two phases. Part one is defined as a set of discovery and workshops with different corporate stakeholders, including business users and IT. Part two is a business and technical project review, including a proposed solutions architecture, prioritized backlog and recommendations, and an executive readout.

The service provides a great option for organizations looking to accelerate their data warehouse modernization initiatives. Either position as a step towards a modernization goal or as a long term solution that limits the need for upskilling existing staff. 


6 Weeks


  • Requirements Gathering
  • Discovery Workshop
  • Analysis/Roadmap
  • Executive Readout


  • Workshop Sessions Documentation
  • Findings Recommendation
  • HDL Cloud Adoption Plan
  • Roadmap to Future State
  • Scope of POV
  • Executive Readout

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