Modern Application Accelerator

Unlock your full potential.


For customers looking to modernize applications on GCP, CDW's Modern Application Accelerator gets you up and running quickly so your team can focus on building.  Delivered as a 3-6 week fixed scope engagement, the AppMod Accelerator includes everything required to deploy a cloud native application to Google Cloud using a pre-validated reference architecture. Included in the deployment is a fully functional CI/CD deployment, application platform (GKE or CloudRun), managed database service (AlloyDB or Spanner), monitoring, and all the required cloud infrastructure all packaged as code via Hashicorp Terraform.



3-6 Weeks


  • Planning and Kickoff
  • GCP Organization Build
  • Landing Zone Creation
  • Reference Application Platform Deployment (GKE AutoPilot, CloudRun, or Cloud Functions)
  • Data Platform Deployment (AlloyDB or Spanner)
  • Platform Demonstration
  • Customer Handoff


  • GCP Cost Calculator
  • Landing Zone Deployment via Code
  • Reference Architecture Deployment
  • Live Capability Demonstrations
  • Customer Documentation

Package Bundled Sizes:

  • Small ($25k) - Single Reference Pattern Deployed
  • Medium ($50k) - All Three Reference Patterns Deployed

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