DevOps Healthcheck

Get the most out of Automation.


DevOps is the combination of the right people, processes and tools to get the most from your IT organization. Automation of many of your common tasks is critical in implementing DevOps practices by reducing the effort and costly errors. There are many tools to get started in automating activities for on-premises and cloud environments. CDW can help identify the processes that can be automated and show you how to leverage the tools for a successful DevOps implementation.

This health check includes a holistic organizational/cultural evaluation and review of current on-premises and cloud pipelines and practices. Finally, it provides Infrastructure as Code opportunities and next steps.

  • The DevOps Healthcheck is a complimentary consultation
  • Each participant is to answer a brief and anonymous questionnaire
  • Includes one 90-minute exploration session and a 30-minute follow-up session

Healthcheck Benefits:

  • Faster innovation and streamlined path to delivery
  • Gain perspective of DevOps capabilities for your organization
  • Gather feedback from key stakeholders on implementing DevOps
  • Identify current foundation to continue to build processes upon
  • Recommend methodologies to improve organizational efficiency
  • Establish a roadmap for adoption of DevOps processes across the IT organization


  • DevOps Process Review
  • Organizational and cultural evaluation
  • Review current automation process
  • Review current CI/CD process
  • Highlight Infrastructure as Code Opportunities
  • Identify first or next steps for your DevOps journey

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