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Digital Velocity at CDW is the scale engine and ecosystem partner that can create the customer’s entire cloud experience. With decades of experience, CDW is dedicated to delivering our customers a comprehensive and seamless integrated IT strategy. As an Azure Managed Service Provider (MSP), we ensure smooth, strategic operations, keeping your systems running optimally. 


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Unlock cloud efficiency with Azure
through CDW and elevate your cloud solutions!

Unlock cloud efficiency with Azure through CDW and elevate your cloud solutions!

Getting the most out of Azure

As one of Microsoft’s most strategic global partners, CDW is uniquely positioned to provide your organization with a holistic, comprehensive, and future-focused IT strategy with the Azure environment.


Cloud and Cloud Native

  • Azure Assessments
  • Azure Landing Zones
  • Azure Migrations
  • Cloud Networking
  • Security & Compliance
  • Azure VMware Solution
  • Azure Stack HCI
  • Automation & IaC

Application Development & Modernization

  • App Modernization
  • Microservices Based Development
  • K8’s - AKS, Hybrid
  • PaaS - Azure Functions, Application
  • Services, Cosmos DB
  • DevSecOps
  • Opinionated CI/CD Pipelines
  • UI, IoT Management

& Analytics

  • Data Estate Modernization
  • Data Pipelines
  • PowerBI
  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Microsoft Fabric
  • AI Prep & Integration

AI & Machine Learning

  • OpenAI & ACS (Azure Cognitive Services)
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Custom Model Building
  • Automated AI Agents
  • AI Insights & Visualization
  • Governance & Compliance
  • ROI & Use Case Development

Thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape with CDW & Microsoft Azure

Partnership highlights


  • Azure Gold Partner
  • 1000+ engineers, 120 Microsoft Dedicated
  • 350+ Microsoft Azure and Security Certifications
  • Microsoft AI Partner Council Contributor 
  • Advanced Specializations
    • Windows and SQL Server migration
    • Modernization of Web Applications
    • Kubernetes
    • Analytics
    • Azure Expert MSP Managed Services Provider

Digital Velocity capabilities

consulting Strategic Consulting

  • Digital strategy
  • Cloud strategy
  • Assessments
  • Digital capabilities
  • System health checks
  • Organizational change

talent-orchestration Digital Talent

  • Elastic bench
  • Workforce management
  • Technical services
  • Talent acquisition
  • Scale Solutions

cloud-native-1 Cloud & Cloud Native

  • CCOE
  • Cloud networking
  • Security/compliance
  • Container orchestration
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cloud migration
  • Automation/IaC
  • Intelligent CX

modern-software-engineering-2 Modern Software Engineering

  • App modernization
  • Containerization
  • Microservices
  • PaaS strategy
  • UI and mobile dev
  • IoT & management
  • Integration dev

ai-ml Data &

  • DataOps
  • Data warehouse
  • Data pipelines
  • Data governance
  • Visualization
  • AI/ML
  • Big data

intelligent-platforms Intelligent

  • Commerce
  • Content management
  • ServiceNow
  • Marketing automation
  • Personalization Analytics
  • Systems integration

Case Studies


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Explore how CDW collaborated with Kastle Services International to modernize their Azure cloud business, allowing them to achieve enhanced security and innovation.

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Financial institution attains resilient cloud infrastructure with CDW

Discover how CDW collaborated with a leading financial institution to revolutionize their cloud infrastructure using Azure. The result? Enhanced resilience, streamlined operations, and productivity across multiple geographic sites.

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CDW's Azure migration for a non-profit entity

Learn how CDW and Azure collaborated to empower a statewide non-profit organization in the Southwest, revolutionizing their early childhood system and food programs while ensuring swift response times for critical client needs.

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CDW enables healthcare company in adapting to market changes

Explore how CDW and Azure collaborated to empower a leading healthcare provider in navigating market dynamics, addressing regulatory changes, and optimizing operational efficiency.

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Manufacturing company achieves seamless digital transformation

Discover how CDW and Azure collaborated to empower Briggs & Stratton, a prominent manufacturing company, by addressing performance and scalability challenges during their digital transformation journey.

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