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Transform your business by embracing modern cloud-native patterns and practices

CDW is an end-to-end provider of cloud applications, solutions and services for public, private and hybrid cloud environments. We are uniquely qualified to design, deliver and manage a flexible solution tailored to your needs. CDW will help you adopt and integrate Azure securely and efficiently.


CDW is the scale engine and Ecosystem partner that can create the customer’s entire cloud experience


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CDW’s Digital Velocity is the Most Technical Solutions Integrator in the Industry

CDW will help you envision, design, orchestrate, and manage tech solutions to get you where you need to go. Our Digital Velocity team is uniquely qualified to design, deliver, and manage flexible solutions that are curated to your organization’s business needs and empower the use of cloud-native patterns and practices within Azure.  We do this with one goal in mind: Elevating your organization to be more agile, cost-efficient, and competitive within your industry.

  • Contributing member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Microsoft AI Council Partner
  • Azure Expert MSP
  • Hundreds of Fortune 5000 customers

We get Microsoft

We have a long- standing, award-winning relationship with Microsoft that we extend to our clients. We can share our knowledge with you, so your organization can spend less time managing software and more time putting it to work.



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  • 800+ Engineers,
    120+ Microsoft Dedicated
  • 360+ Microsoft Azure and
    Security Certifications
  • Advanced Specializations:
    • Windows & SQL Server Migration
    • Modernization of Web Applications
    • Kubernetes
    • Analytics
  • Azure Expert MSP 
  • Azure Cognitive Services Powered Intelligent CX
  • Microsoft AMMP and Solutions Assessment Funding Subsidies
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  • Core Azure Infrastructure Deployment and Management
  • On-Premise to Cloud Migration
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Infrastructure Automation and IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code)
  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Modernization of Legacy Applications
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics
  • Database Modernization & Migration
  • Cloud Security & Governance
  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • AI and ML Solutions


Your Azure Cloud Adoption Journey Begins with CDW

CDW will help you plan, design and build your initial Azure environment. With the Cloud Foundations Engagement for Azure, CDW helps you create a flexible, stable, secure and scalable infrastructure within Azure, allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits associated with Azure public cloud immediately. This engagement can range from a proof of concept to a full production-ready environment depending on the business priorities and features that are configured.



CDW’s Digital Velocity team will work alongside your organization to deploy automated discovery tools, gather information, and then help interpret and review the results to provide a baseline and determine the best path to assist with your organization’s Azure migration.


Plan and Deploy

With our Azure Cloud Foundation engagement, CDW transforms your business outcomes through the creation of a flexible, stable, secure, and scalable cloud landing zone within Azure. This opens your organization to all the benefits associated with Azure’s public cloud immediately.


Adopt and Migrate

As your trusted technical consultant, CDW's team of Azure experts will plan and execute an efficient migration plan for your environment at any scale for rapid adoption and immediate ROI of your new cloud environment.



Once your migration is complete, CDW offers an extensive set of services to modernize and automate your infrastructure, applications, and data to take advantage of the latest cloud-native approaches to modern technology.

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We Get Microsoft

With CDW’s Azure Cloud Adoption Journey, we provide an opinionated expert approach to discovery, planning, deployment and migration services that ensures your organization will maximize the value and benefit of adopting cloud-native patterns and practices.

Our Azure Cloud Experts are here to help you get started.

Ready to advance your journey? Get in touch and we will show you how.