Reduce Kubernetes complexity,
increase efficiency & drive innovation

Reduce Kubernetes complexity,
increase efficiency & drive innovation

CDW’s Digital Velocity team knows that with Kubernetes there is complexity, and mastering the complexity of Kubernetes can drive huge gains for every team involved. At Digital Velocity, we can reduce this complexity barrier to bring your teams those gains faster with less work, all while driving the best Kubernetes and IaC patterns from the infrastructure up.

By leveraging Palette, Spectro Cloud’s innovative Kubernetes management platform, CDW professional services ensures organizations can make Kubernetes more accessible to more team members, enhance developer experience, and simplify the deployment and provisioning of clusters in any environment. 

Palette has enabled customers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies to better define, deploy, and manage their Kubernetes environments. See an example of how we combined Palette with other leading cloud-native products here.

Spectro Cloud has been proven to help customers:
  • Effortlessly build the right software stack for them, with complete choice of OS, distro and ecosystem integrations
  • Deploy Kubernetes clusters across clouds, virtualized and bare metal data centers, and the edge
  • Scale to thousands of clusters with complete consistency, control and performance
  • Simplify and automate lifecycle management, from upgrades to observability, with always-on self-healing
  • Reduce risk with zero trust principles, native security scans and 24/7 support

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Palette simplifies Kubernetes cluster deployment and management

Digital Velocity can guide you on integrating your favorite technologies to define and deploy your Kubernetes clusters no matter what your stack looks like, accelerating deployment and simplifying the management and growth. 

Choose from a variety of open source and proprietary solutions or bring your own and let Palette ensure they always stay as designed!

Simplify Kubernetes Complexity with Spectro Cloud and CDW's Digital Velocity Team

Discover how the Multicloud GitOps Foundation (MGF) can simplify your Kubernetes deployments and empower your teams to focus on application development. Download the blog to explore the benefits and get started today! 

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Build faster, be stronger
with Digital Velocity

CDW’s Digital Velocity team, consisting of over 1200 engineers, provides organizations with  world class expertise. As one of the leading global systems integrators partnering with Spectro Cloud, we collaborate with clients to solve their deepest technical challenges, and adopt patterns for success.