CDW Gets Google

Switch your Google account to CDW. A CDW expert will get in touch to discuss your organization’s business objectives, provide expert guidance, and support you in defining next steps. 

Switch Your Google Account to CDW

Customers that switch their Google accounts to CDW will now receive the following services at no charge:

CDW Managed Service: Basic. Coverage includes Budget Adviser, Billing Adviser, and Capacity and Security Adviser.

CDW Cost Containment. Your choice of assessment to help you either explore the benefit of  migrating from on-premises to Google OR assisting you in both right-sizing your environment and checking for common security gaps.

Stop using your credit card and enjoy the benefits of CDW's terms.


Google Certified



We Get Google

CDW can help you design, orchestrate and manage your Google environment to help you get the most out of your investment. Cut costs, find security gaps, and receive quick, actionable insights for optimizing Google.

Let us help you get started.

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