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Data is complex—technology is complex! Today’s market demands the necessity of powerful suites of tools and services that enable businesses to handle your data. With Google Cloud Data Analytics, you can unlock the power of gaining full potential with your current data. The suite of services also provides you with the necessary tools to store, process, and analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

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Data Analytics &
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Practice Services


IT Operational Analytics (ITOA)/AIOps

In order for operations to run efficiently, it depends on analytics. From security to infrastructure, analytics can identify issues faster and automate responses.

Data Visualization

In order for operations to run efficiently, it depends on analytics. From security to infrastructure, analytics can identify issues faster and automate responses.


Our AI/ML experts prove the value of AI/ML to your business through minimum viable model (MVM) creation. Our software development experts implement industry-leading online-machine learning (ML) pipelines for production deployments.


CDW works with you to implement and adopt DataOps best practices for scalability and agility in your data structures and systems, built around automation tooling.

Modern Data Storage

We help design and deploy a modern data storage solution, including databases built for analytics and AI/ML, data warehouses, and Big Data solutions.

Data Transformation

Get maximum value from your data with CDW’s help on tools that prepare your data, blend, cleanse, and manage your raw data.

Data Discovery

Needing to know not only what is in your data but what data you have available is necessary. CDW helps design the best data catalog and discovery solutions for you so all users have the capability to make the best data-driven decisions possible on available data.

Operationalizing Data

Data needs to become a part of your organization’s operations if you want to get the most value from it. Let CDW help you find the tools and build the strategy you need to become an expert data-driven organization.

From data warehousing to data visualization, Google Cloud Data Analytics provides you with a comprehensive solution for your business to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive advantage in your respective marketplace.

Learn how CDW Healthcare took on a client and helped their Cloud and Data needs.

looker dashboard

Unleash the Power of Looker

The crystal ball of data visualization. Expand your workforce’s knowledge of data with Looker’s user-friendly way to explore and analyze data, leading them to predict and make better data-driven decisions. 

Uncover, Analyze, and Visualize with Precision

Google Cloud Data Analytics, including Looker and BigQuery, is a powerful solution that allows businesses to gain deeper insights into their data. By leveraging this solution, businesses can improve their decision-making, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage. 


Looker can handle large amounts of data, making it ideal for businesses with large data sets. Looker is designed to scale as the data grows, ensuring that businesses can keep up with their data analytics needs.

Integrating with various data sources, including databases, cloud storage, and streaming data sources. Looker makes it easy for businesses to consolidate their data and gain a holistic view of their business.

Providing you and your business with real-time data analytics capabilities. Looker is always allowing you to monitor data in real time, identify trends and anomalies, and take action immediately.

Providing you and your business with real-time data analytics capabilities. Looker is always allowing you to monitor data in real time, identify trends and anomalies, and take action immediately.

Teams can confidently work together to analyze and visualize data, share insights, and create reports with Looker. This fosters collaboration across departments and improves decision-making.

A cost-effective solution for businesses looking to gain deeper insights into their data. The platform's scalability means businesses can start small and grow their data analytics efforts as needed.

Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by making better-informed decisions and identifying opportunities faster.

Why Look at Looker?

Looker is an outstanding dynamic data analytics platform that integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud Data Analytics, allowing you and your team to create:


Interactive Dashboards







Looker is a game-changer for businesses. With features such as scalability, integration, real-time data analytics, customization, collaboration, cost savings, and competitive advantage, businesses can gain deeper insights into their data and make better-informed decisions. Google Cloud Data Analytics, including Looker, is a comprehensive, powerful, easy-to-use, customizable, and integrated solution that provides businesses with everything they need to gain deeper insights into their data. Unlock the power of data today!


Unlock the power of data today!

Reign Over Insights with BigQuery

You have your data manager (Google Data Analytics), and you have your data explorer (Looker), now you may want to know; how can I scale up and be flexible when I analyze massive amounts of data?

BigQuery is a powerful, versatile, fully-managed cloud-based data warehouse that allows you to run complex queries on terabytes or even petabytes of data within seconds. With BigQuery, you can easily adjust your resources to match your workload, and it integrates with a variety of tools and services to help you get the most out of your data.

What’s the Big Deal on BigQuery?



Designed to handle massive amounts of data efficiently, BigQuery can seamlessly process petabytes of data in seconds - thanks to its distributed architecture. 



Experience blazing-fast query performance. Utilizing Google’s advanced infrastructure and parallel processing technologies, BigQuery executes queries in parallel across multiple servers. This means obtaining real-time insights from data constantly and being empowered to make better data-driven decisions


Serverless & Managed

BigQuery is serverless, which means you can lose the stress around managing infrastructure or dealing with those tedious administrative tasks. Google takes care of all that, so you can now focus solely on your data analysis and extracting valuable insights.



BigQuery is pay-as-you-go with no upfront costs or long-term commitments. Nothing better than only paying for the amount of storage you use and the queries you execute.


Advanced Analytics

Integrating with various data analysis tools and programming languages (like SQL, Python, R, and more), BigQuery gives data scientists and analysts the flexibility to leverage their preferred tools and frameworks to extract valuable insights from large and complex datasets.


Data Collaboration & Integration

BigQuery gives you the seamless collaboration and sharing of datasets that your organization needs to improve productivity. With BigQuery, you can control access and permissions at a granular level, ensuring data security and governance.


Data Exploration

Easily explore and analyze your data using familiar SQL queries. BigQuery’s intuitive interface and robust query editor provide a user-friendly experience, allowing users of all skill levels to interact with data and derive valuable insights. 


Data Ecosystem

Being a part of the broader Google Cloud ecosystem, BigQuery seamlessly integrates with other Google Cloud offerings like Google Cloud Storage, Google Data Studio, Google AI Platform, and more. BigQuery’s ecosystem provides you a comprehensive suite of tools to support your end-to-end data management, processing, analysis, and visualization needs.

BigQuery offers unparalleled scalability, speed, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility for analyzing large datasets. Its serverless architecture, advanced analytics capabilities, and integration with other Google Cloud services make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to leverage the power of data to drive innovation and make data-driven decisions. 

Make a big impact on your data with BigQuery