Dive into the most
DevSecOps Platform

Dive into the most comprehensive DevSecOps Platform

As a trusted advisor to our clients, CDW prides ourselves on delivering impactful solutions. Our strategic partnership with GitLab allows us to deliver industry-leading DevSecOps solutions to our vast array of customers. Together, our shared mission of growing and nurturing the partner ecosystem and delivering impactful products to the DevSecOps space allows us to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation initiatives.


GitLab is known for industry-leading Source Code Management (SCM) and Continuous Integration (CI). Developers want to use GitLab because the DevSecOps platform makes it easy to include security at the onset projects through to delivery. Focus on apps, not tool maintenance, while improving collaboration and transparency for one predictable cost.

Using the GitLab DevSecOps platform with security built provides features like:

  • Application security testing and remediation
  • Cloud Native Application Protection
  • Policy Compliance and Auditability
  • DevSecOps Platform



Automated Software Delivery helps organizations eliminate and automate manual, repetitive tasks from the software development life cycle (SDLC) to improve the overall velocity of the software factory and increase collaboration across dev and ops, including both application and infrastructure automation.

When organizations need to enable scale and flexibility due to the adoption of cloud native (Kubernetes), multi-cloud (deploy to GCP, AWS, Azure) or hybrid-cloud (deploy to multi-cloud + private clouds/data center), then they need to automate software delivery. In addition, when organizations need to adopt full DevSecOps, GitLab Premium is the stepping stone. Or, to get security, compliance, and portfolio management, consider trying GitLab Ultimate.

With GitLab Premium, get access to Automated Software Delivery:

  • Faster code reviews
  • Advanced CI/CD
  • Release Controls

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Ultimate Upgrade

Available in both SaaS and self-managed deployment options, GitLab Ultimate adds advanced security capabilities, security risk mitigation, compliance, portfolio management and value stream management, plus 40k more CI/CD minutes per month. In addition, GitLab Ultimate allows for free guest user licenses to improve license usage for users with minimal interaction with the system.

These are only a few of the features that GitLab Ultimate offers, for a comprehensive list of capabilities, visit about.gitlab.com/features. Like GitLab Premium, GitLab Ultimate also includes priority support, live upgrade assistance, and a Technical Account Manager for eligible customers.

GitLab Ultimate helps organizations to:

  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Deliver Better Products Faster
  • Reduce Security & Compliance Risk

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Standard Services we perform


GitLab Health Assessment

The GitLab Health Assessment helps customers review their GitLab platform, identify process and configuration changes, increase adoption rates and plan for High Availability, Backup, and Disaster Recovery. This engagement helps customers improve their DevOps processes, gain maximum value from software development efforts, and optimize their GitLab platforms.
The result is a detailed report outlining AS-IS configurations and processes, coupled with   recommendations to help with improvements identified as a result of the discovery review. 


GitLab QuickStart Installation

The GitLab QuickStart Installation helps customers quickly gain an understanding of the GitLab platform features. During this engagement, CDW will install, configure the basics, and deliver administrative and user enablement on GitLab basics and out-of-the-box capabilities of the platform. This QuickStart includes the GitLab Adoption Workshop, delivered between three and six months following the initial implementation. As part of this workshop, CDW offers tips and  recommendations on best practices based on our prior experiences with similar customers.


GitLab Adoption Workshop

This no-charge, half-day offering helps customers develop a plan to increase adoption rates of their GitLab implementation.Organizations adopting agile development methodologies can improve their DevOps processes and gain maximum value from their software development efforts, as well as their GitLab investment. This workshop is intended to help identify capabilities where GitLab can improve DevOps processes in the areas of issue-tracking, application security, CI/CD pipeline, and code repository management.

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