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CDW and Google Cloud accelerate your organization's digital transformation by solving critical business problems, enabling growth and unlocking innovation.

Launch Packs

Launch packs engagements are ideal for customers who want to move a workload quickly onto Google Cloud.

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Accelerator Services

Accelerator engagements are ideal for customers looking to accelerate their cloud journey in GCP using a best practices approach.

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Digital Velocity
Launch Packs



Cloud Foundations 

Accelerate your cloud journey with a cloud foundation in just 2-8 weeks. 

Infrastructure Assessment 

Prepare for moving current on-premise and cloud workloads to the public cloud with this assessment. 

VMWare Engine Migration 

Begin your migration journey to move to VMWare using vMotion/HCX .

Compute Engine Migration

Begin your migration journey to move to GCP using Migrate for Compute Engine.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Migration

Migrate up to 3 containerized applications to Kubernetes running in GCP

Google Anthos Migration

With CDW’s Anthos Migration migrate up to 3 containerized applications  to Kubernetes running on-prem or public cloud.

GCP Migration Factory

A custom scoped engagement that includes all steps required to migrate workloads from a customer’s existing on-premises or competing cloud environment to Google Cloud.

Database Migration

A fully-managed service that makes it easy to migrate your databases to Google Cloud.

Data Warehouse Migration

A a fully-managed service that makes it easy to build and manage data warehouses on Google Cloud.

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Digital Velocity
Accelerator Services



CCAI Accelerator

This accelerator engagement will help define what is needed for a successful adoption of AI in the contact center in just 6 weeks.

CCAI Insights Accelerator

This assessment is designed to discover what is needed for a successful adoption of AI in the contact center based on the customer's business outcomes.

Modern Application Accelerator

This is a 3-6 week engagement for customers looking to modernize their applications on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Field Day

This is a 1-3 day event that focused on enabling technical and business staff on Google Cloud.

DevOps Healthcheck

This consultation will explain how to leverage the tools for a successful DevOps implementation. This includes a holistic organizational/cultural evaluation and review of current on-premises and cloud pipelines and practices.

Data Analytics Accelerator

This is a comprehensive accelerator engagement to build a future-proof corporate data strategy.

BigQuery Accelerator

This engagement is a hands-on training program that teaches enterprise customers how to use BigQuery to ingest, analyze, visualize, and model data to achieve their business goals.