12-08-2022 DVS Azure migration SQL-VMs

Partner Overview

Kastle is the leading provider of managed security for commercial real estate, multi-family, offices, education and government in the US.



Kastle Services International LLC is working on growing and modernizing their Azure cloud business and applications via Azure cloud. Kastle is currently moving from IaaS to PaaS and focusing on deploying more SQL servers into Azure. Kastle also engaged CDW specifically around Azure Site Recovery and building a disaster recovery plan. Kastle Services International LLC is also looking to continue to develop its Managed Services relationship with CDW. Kastle started with our Basic service level focusing on cost management in September of 2021.



At the beginning of the project, Kastle Systems was specifically struggling with homegrown SQL applications that were cumbersome and difficult to maintain. Kastle was looking to modernize and optimize these critical business applications and migrating them to Azure before transitioning to a full IaaS cloud migration into Azure in late-2022.



Planning & Discovery
An in-depth discovery of technical and business requirements, gather success factors

Azure Governance
An addition to planning & discover which takes an in-depth look at the people, processes, and technology in place and assists with building a framework to help support business needs while adoption the flexibility of Azure

Server and Application Assessment
Identify application dependencies and requirements Migration Plan Detailed plan on migration of resources and sequence.

Landing Zone
Build Azure environment to support migration plan, such as network, storage, compute, identity, and monitoring

IaaS Migration
Accelerated process to migrate resources to Azure and ensure functionality

Backup & Disaster Recovery Implementation
Enable backup of VM instances and disaster recovery of select workloads in paired Azure region

Conclusion & Impact

Kastle has found tremendous value in their Azure migration by using CDW’s Azure Managed Services for cost management and monitoring. Kastle’s overall IT investments have been right-sized and opened up new avenues of innovation and security services for Kastle’s customers.

Company Profile

Employee count: 800

Core business: Kastle Systems operates and manages security systems for real estate, construction, and government sectors

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