Business Challenge

Pending legislation allowed insurance agencies to pursue and support clients beyond their own state borders, creating greater competition in the marketplace. This change prompted the customer to review their ability to approach a larger addressable market and support engagements with more healthcare providers and partners.

The customer recognized the need to reduce their operational expenses and shift to a more rapidly scalable infrastructure model. They realized that cloud technology offered the ideal solution to their needs, providing a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective platform for their operations.


Customer Priorities

The customer identified a market change signaled by the pending legislation. Keeping their competitive advantage through the market change was their highest priority. The subset priorities of maintaining that change were to reduce operational expenses and shift to a more rapidly scalable infrastructure model. In-line with scalability the customer wanted deeper engagement in data analytics to be able to provide a higher level of service.


How CDW Engaged

Our team recognized the importance of taking a strategic, tactical approach to their cloud journey. We understood that to achieve their goals, it was essential to establish a solid foundation for cloud adoption—including a robust process, governance, and adoption model.

To help the customer achieve this, we proposed the creation of a Cloud Center of Excellence. This center would bring together members of the Cloud Steering Committee, which the customer's VP of Infrastructure had assembled, to establish a unified approach to cloud adoption.


Solutions Implemented

We established a clear path to cloud adoption, based on best practices and a governance model that would enable the customer to select workloads and manage costs effectively. Beginning with a Cloud Center of Excellence, which brought together members of the customer's Cloud Steering Committee to establish a Cloud Charter, we worked closely with the customer's infrastructure team to design, build, and enable their first Azure Landing Zone. This was an enterprisescale, fully tested, and secure environment built to Microsoft best practices, based on the Cloud Adoption Framework.


Customer Outcome

The customer gained the structure and controls to scale their Azure environment as business needs require. This enabled them to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability and flexibility, while ensuring that they had the necessary controls in place to manage costs and maintain security.

A critical onboarding process that previously took over 45 days, was streamlined to ensure that stakeholders could on-board quickly and easily, enabling them to support the customer's clients effectively.

Finally, we were able to help the customer create a new path to revenue using their valuable client data. By leveraging data analytics, we were able to position new lines of business to targeted clients and offer the same data analytics to their corporate customers, enabling them to derive expanded, tailored solutions to their end-users.

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