Business Challenge

The Client had 1400 brick and mortar sites across the US for their customers to obtain personal loans in - person. The technology at each branch was outdated spanning back before the pandemic. On-site hardware was slow and delaying the loan application process from start to approval. They recognized this issue and requested IT to upgrade the 1400 sites immediately. To gain the full benefits from this change, the Client pivoted from on premise VDI (built on the Citrix platform) to Azure (also on the Citrix platform) for flexibility and to provide a long term technology investment before refresh with thin clients in the branches. These initiatives required greater resilience and agility from their cloud based infrastructure to ensure availability and stability of workloads. In addition, they had a need to define the current state of cloud networking, security, and automation.


Customer Priorities

  • Security
  • Resilience
  • Agility
  • Automation


How CDW Engaged

DV provided the Azure Enterprise Landing Zone in support of the multi-region cloud Citrix deployment in Azure. We assisted with the design and architecture to ensure high availability and stability of workloads. The network design provided the infrastructure to implement Citrix in Azure to all geographic sites in the US and provided a consistent and responsive end user experience for remote sites. We deployed cloud based VDI with resilient infrastructure, ensured hub and spoke for network and security of Azure. In addition, DV automated the deployments of the expanded infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for the client to be able to support their new Azure VDI environment.


Solutions Implemented

DV deployed Azure VDI (Citrix) to 1400 branch locations. This improved the clients network resilience, security, and automation across clouds. We helped the Client formalize their failover methodology and continually upskill and enable their team for success.


Customer Outcome

With Citrix VDI in Azure deployed across multiple geographic sites, users in remote locations can experience faster access to applications and data due to reduced latency, improving their productivity. We enhanced security with the hub-and-spoke network architecture and Azure's built-in security features can provide improved data security and compliance, protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access. With a multi-region cloud Citrix deployment, data and applications can be replicated across geographically diverse Azure regions, ensuring data redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.

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