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VMware Cloud on AWS Accelerator

CDW’s Architects work with organizations to bring them into AWS while leveraging the technology used on a daily basis. The CDW VMware Cloud on AWS Accelerator offering allows your organization to test your environment, ensure compatibility, and ease the tension of running your business in VMware Cloud on AWS.



The CDW VMware Cloud on AWS Accelerator engagement builds out your infrastructure for a proof-of-concept (POC) or pilot Hybrid VMware Cloud environment. This will allow your organization to prove the technology to ensure it meets your functional and business requirements prior to fully migrating or deploying production workloads.


Who Is this for?

Organizations ready to take their environment to the Cloud leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS.

CDW VMware Cloud on AWS Accelerator - How it gets done

Project management

CDW project managers will drive the alignment of your business stakeholders to support and drive a successful cloud adoption program. It builds understanding and commitment to the initiatives as well as enables understanding of the business objectives, impacts, and delivery plans.

Design, deploy and test

CDW's VMware Cloud on AWS design, deploy, and test engagement consists of a series of accelerated workshops to review each component of the solution. These will focus on refining a base reference architecture to ensure initial business and functional requirements are met.

  • SDDC Design Workshops
  • General and Infrastructure
    • Overview and General Design
    • SDDC and Cluster Sizing
    • Account Configuration
    • Region Selection
    • AWS VPC and Subnet Identification
    • Name Resolution/DNS
  • Operations
    • Hybrid Linked Mode
    • Content Libraries
  • Networking and Security
    • Hybrid Connectivity Design (On-prem to SDDC, L3VPN, AWS Direct Connect)
    • HCX/Layer 2 Network Extension
    • Cloud Native Services (Limited to S3, EC2)
  • SDDC Implementation
  • VMC SDDC Deployment
  • Hybrid Linked Mode Configuration (Optional)
  • HCX and L2 Network Extension Implementation (Optional)
  • AWS S3 Integration 
  • General testing to ensure basic functionality
  • Workload mobility testing to prove migration functionality (Optional)

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