Customer overview

The Customer is a close-knit group of scientists, medical experts, and industry leaders deeply committed to the science of changing lives. Their proprietary, novel therapies have the potential to make a significant impact for the millions of pruritus sufferers who have been overlooked.


The challenge

The Customer was looking to move fully into the cloud and retire old hardware rather than reinvest in on-premises infrastructure.


  • Aging Hardware
  • Potential savings in cost
  • Prior AWS experience from Druva Phoenix which is serving as their Disaster Recovery.


  • 100% cloud Adoption
  • Eliminate the need to refresh hardware
  • Cost Reduction
  • 100% uptime


The solution

Following a SOW signed on May 23rd 2023, CDW introduced an eight phased plan to migrate the Customer's existing Data Center to AWS following the best practices of a Well Architected Framework. The move consisted of building out three new Domain controllers and migrating four application/file servers. With the exception of the Data Centers this was a lift and shift migration using on-demand resources. A Networking Engineer was utilized to configure the Customer's Prisma Access to accept site to site connection from the new AWS Virtual Private Cloud. Right sizing the servers took place three months from initial migration via Managed Services.

The phases were:

  • Phase 1: Discovery
  • Phase 2: Assessment
  • Phase 3: Design
  • Phase 4: Planning
  • Phase 5: Build
  • Phase 6: Deploy
  • Phase 7: Test/Validate
  • Phase 8: Executive Readout/Handoff


The benefits

The Customer received:

  • A cloud migration per the Well Architected Framework
  • A Runbook of AWS Environment for future management
  • A Diagram of AWS Environment as Built

This set them well within their goals of being fully in the cloud and retiring the on-premisis hardware. Beyond the migration, the evolution of the engagement into Managed Services preserves their advantage in the cloud.

CDW's Managed Services Essentials provides:

  • Proactive Monitoring and Remediation
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Technical Support
  • Incident Management
  • Change and Environment Management
  • Tagging Advisor
  • Security and Capacity Advisor
  • Budget Advisor
  • Billing Advisor

This engagement and ongoing Managed Services allows the Customer to pivot their focus on core business functions, unburdened by the intricacies of infrastructure management.

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