The Customer approached CDW with a variety of issues around security, cost, and stability.


  • Security
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Performance


Solution Overview

The Well Architected Review (WAR) identified 42 High Risk areas. CDW implemented the following security tools: Security Hub, Guard Duty, Cost Explorer, Config, CloudTrail, IAM Analyzer. The operations tools matched to the Customer’s needs and implemented were: CloudWatch, Trusted Advisor, Systems Manager. Lastly, the cost tools implemented were: Cost Explorer, Billing Alerts, Budget Reports. CDW performed right-sizing of EC2 Instances, Block Storage, and RDS databases and eliminated direct public access configuration for Servers and DBs. CDW performed the remediation of most Critical and High areas from Security Hub’s AWS Foundational Best Practices analyzer migration.



The Customer had reduced AWS monthly costs by 15% and increased security for IAM and Root account (enabled MFA for all users). Optimizing the Customer’s infrastructure enabled the operations/application visibility from CloudWatch to uncover an issue with website outages occurring daily.

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