A Midwest home warranty company had spiraling operation costs related to their legacy customer engagement platform, coupled with limited features that could not meet their future needs. The company desired to offer a mobile app, with interactive chat capabilities that leveraged AI-based virtual agents and integrated with their CRM platform. The company’s current legacy customer engagement platform could not accommodate their roadmap and was becoming more costly to maintain each year.

During seasonal peak demand times, the customer had to scale from 2,000 contact center agents up to 6,000. This placed a tremendous operational burden on them that was not only time-consuming, but costly due to software licensing and hardware costs associated with their legacy systems. They had to engineer their systems to accommodate peak load, or suffer painful operational bottlenecks from poor application performance during their busiest time of year. Long hold times and a lack of CRM integration across business lines decreased customer satisfaction, with frustrated customers having to repeat information multiple times to different agents. They struggled to integrate voice and chat functionality and considered it a lengthy, resource-intensive, and costly process that felt like a “bolt-on” approach.


Solution Overview

CDW delivered a modern contact center solution built on Amazon Connect, enabling the customer to simplify contact center operations and add agents from anywhere. They also now can integrate their customers’ web experiences and allow users to find self-service options, such as frequently asked questions, reducing strain on contact center agents and increasing their available time to interact with customers.



The customer can now scale on-demand to as many agents as necessary and pay only for the services used. They do not have to over-provision hardware and software resources to accommodate peak demand. Additionally, CDW helped load test their production environment to 20,000 agents, ensuring they have enough capacity to support peak demand while accommodating future growth. Their customers now have a seamless experience, with data moving across each business unit and questions being resolved promptly. The customer now relies on Amazon Connect to enable customers to set up appointments online and receive a call back from an agent at a scheduled time. The customer also noted improved voice clarity after adopting Amazon Connect, reflected in both customer survey responses and feedback from agents.

The customer is taking advantage of the ability to integrate Amazon Connect with other AWS services to enable new capabilities and adapt to ever-changing business demands.

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