Buzz Integrations, a division of BuzzRx, provides additional analytical and api access to pharmacy providers and insurance companies that are working with BuzzRX. While Buzz Integrations chose AWS for a new environment and for the additional resources to support their API, Data, Application needs, they did not have the AWS resources to architect, build, and manage the environment..


Solution Overview

CDW, in conjunction with Amazon Managed Services (AMS), provided the foundational environment, processes, and AWS experience to deploy the required services to the new environment while ensuring that all of the compliance and security requirements were met. By partnering with AMS, CDW was able to help deploy resources in a secured, compliant account structure quickly and efficiently.



The work included completing the deployment of the cloud foundation with AMS. CDW migrated existing AWS Accounts and services from the parent AWS environment to the dedicated Buzz Integration environment in a quick and efficient manner. The new AMS landing zones provide a significant advantage to respond to future growth while maintaining strict security standards.

CDW continues to provide day-to-day engineering and operational support, allowing Buzz Integration resources to focus on strategic initiatives without worrying about the day-to-day operational challenges required to manage an AWS environment.

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