The Customer faced many issues across their organization that stemmed from CPU saturation. This challenge caused significant delays in order processing, driving a large order backlog, leading to a knock-on effect across the organization.


  • Loss of Business
  • Chaotic Supply Chain
  • Unreliability


Solution Overview

CDW Database Administrators (DBAs) analyzed the customer’s SQL environment using Oracle tools and created plans for top SQL statements. The DBA team advised the customer on indexing to improve performance, resulting in fewer CPU spikes by using RDS performance insights. The DBA team also addressed the application performance degradation by identifying deadlock contention. The solution culminated in a successful cooperative database migration.



The SQL analysis supported by monthly database reviews provided continuous improvement for the overall health of the database. The migration from the on-premise environment into AWS, allowed the customer to leverage the native database service’s increased business agility, time to market, reduced downtime, improved security and speed of business. CDW’s Professional Services lead the organization in an advantageous return on investment (ROI) strategy by conducting the migration and reducing data center space, networking requirements, and personnel. With CDW’s Database Managed Services support, their database teams were active members in the strategy leading to seamless continuity and innovation.

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