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Automation and Moving from Cloud to Code

Cloud automation enables organizations to streamline and optimize their cloud infrastructure operations by standardizing configuration policies and deployments.

Why Automate?

In the digital age, technology must move at the pace of business. The days of managing static resources are fading as the cloud has unlocked capabilities to rapidly stand up infrastructure and services at scale. With that massive scale and speed, environments can be spread across multiple cloud providers, costs can become opaque, and managing disparate resources with independent workflows and processes can quickly become untenable. If proper patterns and practices are not established, additional velocity can create additional risks.

Cloud Automation, standardized automated workflows and resource provisioning can help teams tame the chaos of the cloud, and maximize the benefits of rapid deployments at scale, making work repeatable, consistent, and fast.


What Can be Automated?

Today everything from networking, compute, storage, security, and more can be automated to create single resources, or complete landing zones. Application pipelines, automated testing, the infrastructure that makes up environments, and the policies used to govern those resources can all be standardized and orchestrated together.

Automation can be used to codify not just the provisioning of your environment but your day 2 experience as well, with predefined actions for capacity, and other alerts, patching and image management and certification requirements

With CDW, implementing an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach in your AWS cloud environment assists in adding consistency to your deployments and accelerates your time to value.

Everything -as-Code



Policy definitions as code means that DevOps teams get faster feedback on the resources they are creating, keeping teams moving fast while enforcing organizational standards.



IaC tools provide human readable machine code that allows you to state exactly how you would like the resource to look without specifying each task to build it.



Manage the lifecycle of applications and infrastructure and define the tasks as a repeatable set of instructions in a human readable code format.


Workflow Automation

Automate complex series of tasks, from day to day maintenance, to the provisioning of resources and the deployment of applications.

The Digital Velocity Approach



Reduce toil and automate end-to-end processes to allow your teams to out innovate the competition.



Gain a consistent path to building, deploying, and managing applications and infrastructure in any cloud environment.



With consistency comes a deepening capability to create and recreate resources repeatedly. When fewer mistakes are possible, your teams move faster.

We leverage the best tools and techniques available from both commercial and open source ecosystems

Digital Velocity at CDW can help teams establish the patterns that fit their organizational requirements. Build your environments from code with security and governance built in, reduce waste or toil in your daily work so you can focus on the things that matter for your organization.

Lightweight Governance

Governance is an essential part of any organization’s IT and Application management requirements. Building policies, reporting, and compliance into automated workflows means teams can enforce standards and requirements while allowing teams autonomy and flexibility.

Rapid Change Management

With consistency and repeatability the risks associated with changes to applications and systems are significantly reduced. Building change reporting, audit trails, and governance into workflows means that teams can establish appropriate thresholds to automate change approvals, keeping the pace of innovation high. Gain agility without losing control.

Automated Configuration Management

Automation of configuration can alleviate the tedious tasks of configuring systems. Configuring with consistency leveraging automation can make it easier to rebuild a system than remediating issues, allowing for immutability of infrastructure and using deployment patterns such as blue/green and canary to release new infrastructure and applications.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Gathering the information to satisfy compliance requirements and reporting can take a massive amount of any team’s time. By codifying, collecting, and automating the compliance reporting process. Teams can take back their calendar by continuously reporting compliance.

Cost Controls

Understand the estimated costs associated with the provisioning of cloud resources, BEFORE they are created. Establish thresholds and policies for approvals and keep costs under control.

Built in Quality and Security

Build quality and security into cloud resources by providing visibility to potential misconfigurations and policy violations. Application security testing in CI/CD pipelines, Policy-as-code, and Infrastructure as code security scanning allow teams to gain the maximum amount of information about resources that will be created prior to building the resource, therefore reducing risks and increasing agility.


DevOps philosophies, methodologies, and cultural pillars have been demonstrated across the industry as having a deep impact on both commercial and non-commercial organizational goal attainment. Leverage DVs decades worth of experience to understand the impact a DevOps and Digital transformation can have on your organization.

Digital Velocity

Our Digital Velocity team at CDW can help guide organizations through the journey of transforming their clouds into code, so their code creates their clouds, all while meeting the needs and requirements of the business. Wherever your teams are on their journey we’re prepared to meet you where you are, to help you get where you want to go, faster.

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